May Week 5
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Saturday, 05 June 2021

This weekly digest is a summary of our news coverage together with the latest book review and additions to our archive of new book titles plus our latest articles. This week Harry Fairhead takes a hands-on look at the SPI Linux Driver for the Raspberry Pi for IoT projects and Mike James explains how a logical deterministic device like a computer can produce random numbers.

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  May 27 - June 2, 2021 

Featured Articles     

Pi IoT In C Using Linux Drivers - The SPI Driver
Harry Fairhead
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SPI is a very popular way of connecting devices to the Raspberry Pi and the good news is that it is well supported by Linux drivers - once you know how.

Inside Random Numbers
Mike James
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We often refer to things that are unpredictable as being "random" but this is not the same as truly random behavior - which is something we have to work hard to achieve. Put another way - how can a logical deterministic device like a computer produce a random number?



Programming News and Views  

VR Fails Categorized
02 Jun | Lucy Black
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Jumping about with your senses filled by a false input can cause you to fall over or interact with the real world in ways that are just plain wrong. VR can be fun, but it can also be dangerous - who knew that?

Amazon Redshift ML Now Generally Available
02 Jun | Kay Ewbank
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Amazon Redshift ML is now generally available and can be used to create, train, and deploy machine learning models directly from a Amazon Redshift cluster.

Perl 5.34.0 Released - What's New?
01 Jun | Nikos Vaggalis
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We look at the first stable release of version 34 of Perl 5. It's the culmination of around 11 months of development and represents 280,000 lines of changes across 2,100 files from 78 authors.

$100 Million On Offer to AI Startups
01 Jun | Sue Gee
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The OpenAI Startup Fund has $100 Million to invest in early-stage AI companies that have the potential to make a profound positive impact by tackling major problems. Preference will be given to founders from underrepresented groups. 

NetBeans 12.4 Adds Java 16 Support
31 May | Kay Ewbank
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NetBeans 12.4 has been released with feature improvements including support for Java 16, improved Groovy support, and PHP enhancements. This is a feature release that Apache NetBeans says has not been tested as heavily as the 12.0 LTS release and may therefore be less stable.

2021 Imaqine Cup World Champions
31 May | Sue Gee
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The World Championship finals of the 2021 Imagine Cup took place during last week's BUILD. Read on to find out who won - or watch the video and judge for yourself. 

Want Another Thumb? Easy!
30 May | Lucy Black
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Robotic technology can do more than just destroy the world. The opposable thumb is supposed to be what made us great, so what could an extra thumb do for us?

Blazor WebAssembly Crash Course
28 May | Nikos Vaggalis
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What is Blazor? What is it used for? What kind of applications can you write with it? Is it client side or server side? This free crash course on building Blazor WebAssembly applications based on .NET 5.offers a first class opportunity to get behind the hype of what Blazor is and what it can do.

Hackaday 2021 Competition Opens
28 May | Kay Ewbank
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The annual Hackaday Prize competition has opened with a top prize of $25,000. This year's theme is finding ways to rethink and refresh hardware in light of the Covid pandemic.

IBM Releases CodeNet Dataset For AI Coding
27 May | Kay Ewbank
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IBM has released Project CodeNet, a dataset aimed at teaching AI to translate code from one programming language to another. The dataset consists of 14 million code samples, made up of around 500 million lines of code in 55 programming languages, ranging from C++, Java, Python, and Go to Cobol, Pascal, and Fortran.

MDN Plus - A Premium Service
27 May | Ian Elliot
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Mozilla has announced MDN Plus  a new premium service offering monthly technical deep dives written by industry experts plus additional features.  At the moment there's a wait list to be notified once its available and a sample from one of the articles in the pipeline.


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Full Review 

  • Geometrical Vectors (University of Chicago Press)

    Reviewer: Mike James Rating: 5 out of 5 
    Verdict: If you are a programmer then you will get to discover what covariance and contravariance means in much more detail than you could ever possibly need. In other words, this is not a book you need to read unless you really want a deep understanding of what quantities that have "direction" in their makeup are all about.

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