June Week 4
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Saturday, 03 July 2021

Get up to speed on stuff that affects you as a developer. Our weekly digest lists the week's news, new titles added to our Book Watch Archive and our weekly book review. This week we also have an addition to our Programmer's Bookshelf with recommendations for books on Functional Programming. And to celebrate 60 years of QuickSort, an in-depth look at this venerable algorithm.

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  June 24 - 30, 2021 

Featured Articles   

First Class Functional Programming Books
Kay Ewbank
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The books in this collection are written for languages that can be described as functional - to a larger or lesser extent. Functional programming aims to remove the state and mutability out of programming and make it more like static math. In other words, it attempts to freeze time out of programming in the same way math does.

QuickSort Exposed
Mike James
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QuickSort was published in July 1961 and so is celebrating its 60th birthday.  QuickSort is the most elegant of algorithms and every programmer should study it. It is also subtle and this often means it is incorrectly implemented and incorrectly explained. Let's find out how it works and how to get it right.


Programming News and Views 


edX Acquired For $800 Million
30 Jun | Sue Gee
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News that the non-profit MOOC provider edX  has been sold to 2U, a for-profit online course provider, for $800 million seems to signal the end of a remarkable era. What does it mean for existing edX courses and students  and what can we expect from the next iteration of an educational non-profit from MIT and Harvard?

GitHub Copilot Your Programming Pal
30 Jun | Mike James
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GitHub and OpenAI have a new tool described as "your AI pair programmer". It's not quite that good, but it is a view into the future of programming and an important step in the right direction.

Learn Kubernetes by Example
29 Jun | Nikos Vaggalis
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Looking to understand Kubernetes and cloud native development? Here is a free and continuously updated online collection of resources on everything Kubernetes, by Red Hat.

Scala 3 Released With Major Changes
29 Jun | Kay Ewbank
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Scala 3 has been released. The new version has been eight years in development, and according to the developers is a complete overhaul of the Scala language. Many aspects of the type-system have been changed, meaning that type-inference and overload resolution are much improved.

Microsoft Gives Devs Option of Keeping 100% Revenue
28 Jun | Sue Gee
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A revamped Microsoft Store will include Android Apps downloadable from the Amazon Appstore. A change that change comes into effect today, July 28, 2021, is that app developers who can use their own or a third party commerce platform don’t need to pay Microsoft any fee and can keep 100% of their revenue.

GitLab 14 Offers DIY DevOps Alternative
28 Jun | Kay Ewbank
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GitLab, the web-based repository manager for Git, has been updated with improvements designed to give teams an alternative to maintaining DIY DevOps chains. GitLab supports concurrent devops and issue-tracking, with tools for software development, deployment, and project management.

Animating Flow In Still Photos
27 Jun | David Conrad
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Looking at the photo of a waterfall you are often convinced the water is moving. Now researchers at the University of Washington have developed a new deep learning method that can animate portions of a photograph, turning it into a video - and the result is just the cascade you would expect.

Bug Busting With AWS
25 Jun | Sue Gee
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Amazon has announced AWS BustBust as the world’s first global competition for Java and Python developers to collectively fix 1 million bugs and save $100M in technical debt with the help of machine-learning provided by Amazon CodeGuru. 

Middle Schoolers Learn To Code With Blackbird
25 Jun | Nikos Vaggalis
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Blackbird, an integrated learning platform featuring a custom version of JavaScript, specifically designed for use with middle school and high school students, has just joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program.

MariaDB 10.6 Strengthens JSON
24 Jun | Kay Ewbank
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MariaDB Community Server 10.6 has been released with more JSON functions, extended Oracle compatibility in the form of PL/SQL, and atomic DDL supporting MariaDB's multiple storage engines to "add insurance for bad database days" according to the company. 

Rust 1.53 Adds IntoIterator
24 Jun | Alex Denham
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Rust 1.53 has been released with new support for the use of IntoIterator for arrays. This allows developers to iterate over arrays by value.



Books of the Week

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Full Review 

  •  Becoming A Data Head (Wiley)

  • Reviewer: Kay Ewbank Rating: 5 out of 5 
    You can tell how important 'big data' is from the snowstorm of jargon surrounding it. This book sets out to guide the reader through the jargon to understand why you might choose a particular technique. So does it live up to its subtitle - How to Think, Speak and Understand Data Science, Statistics and Machine Learning?

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