MariaDB 10.6 Strengthens JSON
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 24 June 2021

MariaDB Community Server 10.6 has been released with more JSON functions, extended Oracle compatibility in the form of PL/SQL, and atomic DDL supporting MariaDB's multiple storage engines to "add insurance for bad database days" according to the company. 

MariaDB began as a way to provide an alternative to MySQL when Oracle took that over, and MariaDB retains a strong open source strand as well as a commercial arm. MariaDB has a SQL interface for accessing data, alongside GIS and JSON features.


The improvements to the new release start with the extensions to JSON. MariaDB has had JSON support since version 10.2. The new version extends the existing range of functions that can be used with JSON data, adding JSON table functions. These can be used with a SQL query and return a 'normal' table from JSON data stored in MariaDB. The table can then be worked with as a table view. 

The Oracle PL/SQL support that was added in version 10.3 has been extended with the inclusion of several PL/SQL compatibility functions that have been developed by the MariaDB community.

MariaDB's Data Definition Language (DDL) has been strengthened to be atomic, so if a crash happens any DDL statement is either fully executed or isn't carried out at all. The atomic DDL has been implemented in the database layer so will work with MariaDB's different storage engines. This version supports the InnoDB and Aria storage engines, with support for other storage engines "coming soon".

The final change of note is a strengthening of the columnar analytics storage engine that was added last year to provide a universal analytics option. The updated version has performance improvements, more Oracle compatibility, better resiliency and new disk-based aggregation. This will make it able to support larger aggregate data sets.

MariabDB Community Edition 10.6 is available now.


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