August Week 5
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Saturday, 04 September 2021

This weekly digest is a summary of our news coverage together with the latest book review and additions to our archive of new book titles plus our latest articles. This week Sam James guides us through setting up a site-to-site VPN with Open VPN and Janet Swift explores repayment loans with a spreadsheet.

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August 26 -  September 1, 2021

Featured Articles     

Setting Up Site-To-Site OpenVPN
Sam James
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Setting up a point-to-point VPN is relatively easy but site-to-site is much more complicated involving certificates and more IP addresses than you can count. Find out how to do it using OpenVPN.

Exploring Repayment Loans
Janet Swift
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Repayment loans are the subject of the last of three chapters of Financial Functions with a Spreadsheet which look at the effects of regular cashflows.



Programming News and Views   

Apple Loosens Its Grip On The App Store But By A Tiny Amount
01 Sep | Lucy Black
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This isn't the big result that the Epic Games lawsuit or any of the many anti-trust investigations may result in, but a tiny concession given by Apple in the face of a losing court battle.

Python Tops Language Rankings - Again
01 Sep | Mike James
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For the fifth year in a row Python tops the IEEE Spectrum Language Rankings. This exercise uses an interactive app that can be customized. So I set out to see what it takes to dislodge Python from its seemingly unassailable position.

Apps For GNOME Launched
31 Aug | Kay Ewbank
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A new website called Apps For GNOME has been launched with the intention of showcasing the best applications in the GNOME ecosystem.

Developer Pay According To Stack Overflow
31 Aug | Janet Swift
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We rely on Stack Overflow to answer our programming questions. Its annual survey also tells us a lot about who we are, what technologies we use and our working condistion - including our pay, which is the today's topic of interest.

Apache Tika 2 Adds New Pipes Modules
30 Aug | Kay Ewbank
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Apache Tika 2 has been released with improvements including modularization of the parsers modules and new pipes modules.

On this day in 1907 ENIAC Designer Born
30 Aug | Historian
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John William Mauchly, the co-developer of the ENIAC computer and co-founder of the first ever computer company was born on August 30, 1907 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 

RoboTaxi - A Safe Ride Through An Unruly Landscape
29 Aug | Lucy Black
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We have grown used to seeing self-driving cars cruising around California suburbs, making all the correct moves at traffic intersections. Now see what happens when you switch the scene to a Chinese urban village, where pedestrians, bikes and carts share the same narrow thoroughfares with cars. 

Top 7 Web Development Trends to Expect in Fall 2021
27 Aug | Derrick Vasel
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Ready to innovate with your web development project but not sure what to expect in the coming months? Indeed, web development trends change every single year. For decision-makers, it’s crucial to be aware of technology trends to keep up with competitors.

Jupyter Project Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary
27 Aug | Kay Ewbank
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Project Jupyter is 20 years old. The project was created with the goal of  develop open-source software, open-standards, and services for interactive computing.

Applied AI On Azure On Future Learn
26 Aug | Sue Gee
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Future Learn is running four self-paced ExpertTracks on AI and Microsoft Azure. Coming in November there's also a microcredential that will prepare you for the Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate exam.

Better Jupyter Support For Azure DevOps
26 Aug | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft has revamped the Jupyter extension for Azure DevOps. The latest extension allows you to render your .ipynb notebook files directly in Azure DevOps now with an improved viewing experience.



Books of the Week

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Full Review 

  • Classic Computer Science Problems in Java (Manning)
    Reviewer: Mike James Rating: 4 out of 5  

  • Verdict:  This book isn't going to be of much use to anyone hoping for some help with a computer science course. Its idea of classic algorithms is too patchy and too biased to be of much help. The introduction to the book does state very clearly that it isn't an academic tome covering big O analysis etc, but even so the choice of algorithms doesn't fit with its title. Having said this the algorithms are that are described are well presented and it is a slim book and so you can't really expect it to cover everything. So the bottom line is that if the selection of problems interests you, then why not give it a try? What it does do is done well.

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