October Week 2
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Saturday, 16 October 2021

Get up to speed on stuff that affects you as a developer with our weekly digest. It summarizes the week's news together with links to the week's book review and the titles selected for Book Watch Archive. This week we have an extract from Raspberry Pi IoT in Python Using Linux Drivers and, from our History Section, turn the clock back 70 years to consider some early UK computers.

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October 7 - 13, 2021

Featured Articles      

Pi IoT In Python Using Linux Drivers - PWM
Harry Fairhead & Mike James
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PWM is a basic output mode suitable for controlling servos, motors and more. Linux has a driver that means that you can use PWM without worrying about the hardware - if you know how.

Manchester Computers of the 1950s
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In the period after WW II, Manchester in the UK was one of foremost centers of computing expertise. In 1948 Tom Kilburn and Freddie Williams designed, “Baby" or Small Scale Experimental Machine  and followed up with the world's first stored program computer, the Manchester Mark I in 1949. 


Programming News and Views    

Apple Appeals Its Epic Win And Google Sues
13 Oct | Lucy Black
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You would think that Apple would settle for its almost total victory over Epic Games and its right to collect 30% of any earnings on an app, but no. It is appealing the judgment!

Learn Python With Udemy
13 Oct | Sue Gee
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Python continues to be the programming language that everyone wants to learn - both complete beginners and those who know another language. We look at a course that is intended for both groups and has been updated to cover the very latest version, Python 3.10.

Silverlight Lives On With OpenSilver
12 Oct | Mike James
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Today, October 12th 2021 marks the end of support of Microsoft Silverlight. It also sees the launch of OpenSilver 1.0 a modern, plug-in free open-source reimplementation of Silverlight, capable of running large, complex legacy applications, as well as newly written C# and XAML applications. 

Electron 15 Adds String Encoding API
12 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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Electron 15 has been released with updates to Chromium and Node.js, along with a number of API updates. This release is the first of a new accelerated release cycle that the developers say mean a new main version will appear every eight weeks.

DataStax Extends Stargate
11 Oct | Nikos Vaggalis
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DataStax, mostly known for AstraDB the multi-cloud database based on Apache Cassandra, has announced the addition of new capabilities to its Stargate Gateway product.

GitHub Enterprise Adds Centralized User Accounts
11 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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GitHub has released a new version of GitHub Enterprise, along with the ability to use centralized user account management. The latest server adds features to improve developer experience and improve security. GitHub Enterprise is designed to give large companies a way to deploy GitHub in their own environments.

Google AI Recreates Lost Klimt Artworks
10 Oct | David Conrad
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Google Arts and Culture has claimed another triumph for Machine Learning. After analyzing Gustav Klimt's use of color in extant artworks it has colorized the three giant canvases, Medicine, Jurisprudence and Philosophy destroyed during the Second World War.

Mini-Pupper On Kickstarter
08 Oct | Sue Gee
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The latest robot dog making its debut on Kickstarter is Mini-Pupper, an open source quadruped robot powered by a Raspberry Pi 4B. Mini Pupper met its funding goal in the first 5 minutes and was 1000% funded within a day. There's still time to claim an Early Bird discount.

Made It - Python Is Top Language On TIOBE Index
08 Oct | Janet Swift
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We have been anticipating Python reaching the top position in the TIOBE Index for quite a while and this month, October 2021, it has happened and probably marks the beginning of a long reign for a language that has well-deserved popularity.

New Raspberry Pi Website
07 Oct | Harry Fairhead
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There's now a second website for Raspberry Pi. The raspberrypi.com site is the new home of Raspberry Pi Trading, while the original site, raspberrypi.org, is where you'll find the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Azure Functions 4 Adds .NET 6 Support
07 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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Azure Functions 4 has been announced with the main improvement in the new version being support for .NET 6. The new release is now in public preview.


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Mathematics has suddenly become important in many branches of programming. There are good jobs for data scientists and for machine learning experts. If you are looking to upgrade your programming then math might be what you need to add.

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