March Week 3
Saturday, 26 March 2022

Every day I Programmer has new material written by programmers, for programmers. This week Mike James looks at Managing Asynchronous Code in JavaScript and we have another extract from Programming the Raspberry Pi Pico In MicroPython.  Plus a 5-star book review and our take on the week's news.

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March 17 - 23, 2022

Featured Articles     

Managing Asynchronous Code - Callbacks, Promises & Async/Await
Mike James
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You can understand JavaScript's asynchronous code very deeply and still have no clear idea how best to write such code. There are so many possible approaches.

The Pico In MicroPython: DC Motors
Harry Fairhead & Mike James

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One of the very basic control tasks is running a DC motor. This usually involves some hardware as well as software. This is an extract from our book all about the Raspberry Pi Pico in MicroPython.


Programming News and Views  

Android - Tablet First!
23 Mar | Mike James
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I don't know about you, but I love Android tablets. Recently, however, I have given in to pressure from Amazon and use Fire Tablets. Now Google seems to think that it is time to give the format a try. Why did it ever give up on tablets?

JavaScript Prototype Vulnerabilities
23 Mar | Ian Elliot
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The first large scale investigation of the prevalence of JavaScript prototype pollution reveals that more than 2,700 of websites, including ten among the top 1,000 had flaws that could expose them to exploitable vulnerabilities.

Deno 1.2 Adds HTTP Auto-Compression
22 Mar | Kay Ewbank
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Deno has been updated with faster calls into Rust and auto-compression of HTTP response bodies. Deno is the JavaScript and TypeScript runtime from the creator of Node.js.

Insights Into Successful Software Delivery
22 Mar | Janet Swift
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CircleCi, the company behind one of the most popular continuous integration and continuous delivery platforms, has released the results from its 2022 State of Software Delivery Report.

Vaadin 23.0.0 Released - Flow and Hilla
21 Mar | Nikos Vaggalis
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Vaadin, the versatile full stack Java-based framework that is a competitor to Spring MVC, continues to innovate with its new release of v23 which sees the first release of Hilla, the new name for Vaadin Fusion.

RedisJSON 2 Adds Indexing Option
21 Mar | Kay Ewbank
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Redis has introduced RedisJSON 2, an enhanced version of the Redis module that implements the JSON Data Interchange Standard as a native data type. The module can be used to store, update and fetch JSON values from Redis documents.

Drone Swarm QR Codes
20 Mar | Lucy Black
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The future of advertising was displayed this week in Austin, Texas to coincide with the South by Southwest festival. Drones created a huge QR code visible for miles around, attracting attention from a much larger audience than just the attendees at the show itself.

Coursera Specialization Offer Is Not Irrational
18 Mar | Sue Gee
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Coursera has a limited time offer, lasting until March 28th 2022, for selected Specializations on topics including machine learning and maths, reducing the cost of the first month's enrollment to $3.14. 

Google Releases Android Play Developer Reporting API
18 Mar | Kay Ewbank
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Google has released the Google Play Developer Reporting API, providing  programmatic access to app-level data and metrics for internal reporting, analysis and automation.

Developer Happiness Explored
17 Mar | Janet Swift
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A Stack Overflow Survey reveals that over 90% of developers feel it is important to be happy at work and 70% of them are currently happy. Almost half of developers think their own home is the ideal place to work - and Stack Overflow suggests that a greenhouse could be the ideal developer habitat. 

Go 1.18 Released With Generics And Fuzzing
17 Mar | Kay Ewbank
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Go 1.18 has been released with improvements including support for generic code using parameterized types and fuzzing fully integrated into its standard toolchain. The update is described as the most significant change to Go since the release of Go 1, and the largest single language change they’d ever made.



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Kay Ewbank recommends this as a "really good book" noting, "the case study chapters are fascinating reads, with suggestions for multiple experiments to narrow down where the problems lie, and what the data teaches."

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