Microsoft And GitHub Announce Copilot Extensions At Build 2024
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Microsoft's Build conference is underway with lots of announcements about Copilot, Microsoft's AI companion software.

The announcements started with new Copilot+ PCs, new Windows computers designed for AI that are capable of over 40 trillion operations per second, and that have access to advanced AI models. 


Next came improvements to Copilot Studio, which is getting new agent capabilities designed so developers can build copilots that can proactively respond to data and events, tailored to specific tasks and functions. These copilots will be able to automate and orchestrate complex, long-running business processes with less requirement for human intervention.

Microsoft says Copilots built with this new category of capabilities can now independently manage complex, long-running business processes by making use of memory and knowledge for context, reason over actions and inputs, learn based on user feedback and ask for help when they encounter situations that they don't know how to handle.

New Copilot connectors were also introduced at Build. These can be used to create copilots that use various data sources, including public websites, SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Dataverse tables, Microsoft Fabric OneLake (due later this year), Microsoft Graph, and third-party apps.

Microsoft also announced a private preview of conversational analytics. This aims to provide insights into how a copilot is doing, how generative AI is responding, when it was unable to give the right answers and why—and recommendations on what to do to improve it, including adding new and updated knowledge sources or creating custom topics to help.

Alongside the Microsoft Announcements, GitHub announced a set of GitHub Copilot extensions in a private preview. The extensions provide ways to customize the GitHub Copilot experience with services including Azure, DataStax, Docker, MongoDB, Sentry, Stripe and other tools from within GitHub Copilot Chat. GitHub says the extension enable developers to build and deploy to the cloud in their natural language with their preferred tools and services.

Microsoft’s extension, GitHub Copilot for Azure, lets developers call GitHub Copilot for Azure from within Copilot Chat to get answers to questions about Azure - anything from choosing an Azure service to running a React app to selecting the best Azure database to use with Django.

GitHub Copilot extensions are available in preview now, and more details are available in the Microsoft Build session about them.  


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