Eclipse Launches Dataspace Working Group
Written by Alex Denham   
Thursday, 07 December 2023

The Eclipse Foundation has launched a dataspace working group with the intention of 'fostering global innovation in trusted data sharing'.

The Eclipse Foundation is one of the world's largest open source software foundations, and is home to over 400 open source projects including the Eclipse IDE and Jakarta EE.


The ambition is to develop a new model for seamless data exchange. The Eclipse Dataspace Working Group will foster new dataspaces based on open source technologies for exchanging data between private companies, governments, academia, and other institutions spanning the European Union (EU) and beyond. Dataspaces are federated networks of trusted connections for sharing data to foster information sharing for mutual benefit.

The working group will provide governance, guidance, and support for open source solutions for dataspaces. Eclipse says the working group does not favor a specific industry or type of software.

Founding members of the working group include Amadeus, Fraunhofer,  IDSA, iShare, Microsoft, and T-Systems, and the working group aims to foster a component-driven model that supports project collections in three distinct groups - dataspace core and protocols (DCP); dataspace data planes and components (DDPC); and dataspace authority and management (DAM).

DDPC concerns the way multiple projects that implement data plans can be aligned, while DAM focuses on the alignment of tools and workflows to enable the implementation of dataspaces. Eclipse says that overall, the three areas aim to create an ecosystem of projects. Implementations are non-exclusive, and overlapping projects can exist.

"By nurturing implementations and specifications, we aim to elevate dataspaces as a vital component in future data-driven businesses. Alongside projects like Eclipse Cross Federation Services Components, Asset Administration Shell initiatives, and Tractus-X, the Catena-X reference implementation, we've established a unique ecosystem for Digital Sovereignty under the well-proven governance model of the Eclipse Foundation," said Michael Plagge, VP, Ecosystem Development at the Eclipse Foundation.

The Eclipse Dataspaces WG will also collaborate with existing organisations involved with dataspaces, including the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), iSHARE Foundation (iSHARE) and Catena-X.



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