Ludo Takes Guesswork Out Of Games Development
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Wednesday, 07 December 2022 has added a new market analysis feature to its game research and design assistant, along with updates to its game image generator.

Ludo is an AI-based tool that developers can use to help research and come up with ideas for games. Ludo's features include the "Game Ideator", which lets developers come up with game concepts based on keywords, phrases or the titles of existing games. This aspect of the tool is based on the Stable Diffusion AI engine. 


Stable Diffusion is an open source text-to-image model that uses AI to let users create art works. It can run on consumer GPUs, and is itself based on the latent diffusion model developed by the team at CompVis and Runway, combined with other conditional diffusion models.

The Stable Diffusion tool generates images based on text input. So if you typed "hockey player on a unicorn", you'd get an image showing just that. Ludo goes further by using the images to generate game concepts. The would-be game developer then selects the concepts they like and Ludo uses AI to take the concept further by generating game elements including characters, levels, items, non-player characters, controls and game mechanics. Ludo says this can reduce game design time by 50 percent.

Ludo also offers research tools including Daily Trends which identifies the newest game releases and hot topics, and Top Charts which lists the most popular games.


The latest improvements add a Market Analysis feature that uses AI to forecast how a prospective game project would perform in a particular market. The team at Ludo says this feature allows developers to limit the chance of creating a game that will not connect with audiences by providing research into a game’s potential performance.

The second improvement to the platform is to its image generator. This has been adapted to include three new ways to generate game images by adding an image-to-image transformation option to the existing text-to-image options. This means users can provide images which Ludo then develops into icons or different art styles.


More Information

Ludo Website

Stable Diffusion Website

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