Seasonal Deals From edX and Udacity
Written by Sue Gee   
Friday, 17 November 2023

The season of discount deals has arrived early. edX is offering a 20% off selected courses and program bundles for Cyber Monday. Udacity has an even better Black Friday Deal with 50% off subscriptions. 


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The edX offer is already open and ends on November 29. Like the recent "Back-To-Use Season" discount it  applies to Verified Courses, Professional Certificates, XSeries, MicroBachelors, and MicroMasters Programs and includes the same courses and programs as covered in my August report:

Of course, there are plenty more choices and here are just two:

Professional Certificate in Large Language Models from Databricks. This is a 3 month program at 4 - 9 hours per week and comprises two courses. By the end of the first you will have built an end-to-end LLM workflow that is ready for production and in the second you'll dive into the details of foundation models in LLMs from the innovations that led to the proliferation of transformer-based models, including BERT, GPT, and T5, and the key breakthroughs that led to applications such as ChatGPT. 



Udacity has a very competitive Black Friday Deal - 50% off, across the board until November 29th. This sounds very attractive for those looking embark on a new career or gain skills to progress in their current one in computer science, data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and DevOps.

As I stated in Gain New Skills With Udacity, which introduced several possible options, Udacity can be considered the large-scale online equivalent of a Boot Camp, offering an intensive, highly practical and hands-on learning experience. Its distinctive credential is the Nanodegree which is earned by successful completion of a series of projects which are undertaken in conjunction with learning materials the content for which is created by Udacity and its industry partners. The emphasis of each Nanodegree is preparation for a specific job role or career in the real world. They are suitable for those embarking on a new career either as a new entrant to the workplace or those looking to switch to a new career path and to those established in a career and wanting to enhance their skills to move forward.



Udacity recently announced a new subscription plan. Its All Access subscription costs $249 per month or $2,390 per year, representing a (20% discount). However when you enrol in a specific Nanodegree then you'll discover that there's another option. For a 4-month Nanodegree, such as AI Programming With Python, there's a 4 month option costing $846, a 15% discount on the month-to-month plan. As I commented when the new pricing was announced, if you intend to obtain a Udacity Nanodegree this is represents a substantial reduction on the previous pricing of $399 to $799 per month, depending on your chosen program. Now with 50% discount on top, the price of AI Programming With Python, which I described in the report AI At All Levels for Udacity, is down at $423!

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