Magic Is Just Technology In This Amazing Video
Written by David Conrad   
Sunday, 23 April 2017

We all know the Arthur C. Clarke quote about any sufficiently advanced technology looking like magic, but perhaps our own technology is already enough to look like magic if presented in the right way.

Magic, the sort that you see on stage, has long relied on using technology to fool and delight its audience. Tricks with mirrors, lighting, trapdoors and all manner of machinery makes the audience think that they are seeing the impossible.




Now Marco Tempest is updating the trick with the help of some friendly and enchanting drones. This is a video you have to see because, like all good magic tricks, it will have you thinking "how did he do that?"



You have to admit that the smooth theatrical presentation does a lot to enhance the effect, but the quadcopters are smooth as well, almost too smooth, perhaps it is levitation. Remember the quotes:'s easy to attribute personality to machines. they are quadcopters bu they are more than mechanical flying machines they analyze the environment around them and react to everything I do ...

...Mathematics that can be mistaken for intelligence, and intelligence for personalities. Anthropomorphism that's delusion an illusion created by technology and embroidered by our imagination ....

This really is the world we live in where mathematics can be mistaken for intelligence. 

So how is it done?

Presumably I'd have to leave the magic circle if I told you. That's assuming I know of course, which I don't.

It is clear that the performing area is marked up with a color code that lets each drone know where it is, but the markings don't seem fine enough to allow the drones to move quite like they do.

How do they react to the magicians hands?

Or is it all in the timing?

What do you think?




If you really are taken with the performance it is worth knowing that you can hire Marco Tempest and there are some appearances listed on his web site. 


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