How Robots Celebrate Christmas
Written by Harry Fairhead   
Thursday, 25 December 2014

Robots always do the same thing - what we tell them to. So even at Christmas, or any other time what they do is follow orders. In this case the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH seems to want them to help get us into the festive spirit. 

Robots generally get a bad press.

They are always going around shooting people or not letting Dave back into the airlock so at Xmas time roboticists try to let them express their softer more "human" side.

So we have the Xmas video from the Autonomous Systems Labs.

Clearly they have far too many robots and far too much time on their hands having fun with them:



If you want to know what the robots are there is a list of credits as the end that also include some obviously dispensable humans - wait till after Xmas....





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