Dart Frog For A Unified Tech Stack
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 03 August 2023

The Flutter consulting firm Very Good Ventures (VGV) has released Dart Frog 1.0, an open source and lightweight framework designed to help Flutter and Dart developers maximize their productivity by having a unified tech stack that enables sharing tooling and models.


Originated by Google, Dart is an object-oriented and class-based client-optimized language with C-style syntax designed to provide a way to create fast apps on any platform.

Flutter is Google's open source mobile UI framework that can be used to create native interfaces on iOS and Android. It was created as a combination of Dart and a runtime environment that is referred to as an app engine in Flutter.

Dart was ranked as one of the most popular developer technologies in both the recent Stack Overflow and Red Monk reports, while since Flutter's first release in 2017, it has grown into the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by software developers globally.

VGV's Dart Frog aims to make it easier for Flutter developers who want to maximize Dart, and David DeRemer, CEO at Very Good Ventures, said that the release is an example of VGV's commitment to delivering tools to developers across the Flutter ecosystem:

"We aren’t just a consulting partner, we’re an active community member and contributor dedicated to building technologies that will increase developer efficiency and opportunity.”

VGV released an experimental version of Dart Frog a year ago. It provides a simple core with a small API surface area to make it easier to learn. Dart Frog is built on top of shelf and mason. The new version adds a Dart Frog daemon that supports better integration with third-party systems and plugins. There's also now a VS Code extension, authentication support and the ability to upgrade to Dart 3.

Dart Frog means developers can share code between the front and backend, and it can also be used as a backend for frontend apps so that the backend data is normalized, allowing developers to optimize and cache backend data. Dart Frog can also be configured with cloud services.

Dart Frog is available now on GitHub and the VGV website.


More Information

Very Good Ventures Website

Dart Frog On GitHub

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