Number Crunching
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2 Python for Excel Scripting Under Consideration
3 Open Source Sparse Tensor Computation Is Fast
4 ImageNet Training Record - 24 Minutes
5 As Much Fun As You Can Have With A Ball And Hoop
6 Better Than Floating - New Number Format Avoids Imprecision
7 Let HERBIE Make Your Floating Point Better
8 GNU Octave 4
9 NAG Library Extended
10 Find N-Body Solutions In Your Browser
11 MATLAB 2014b - Must Have Tool For Data Scientists
12 CheckCell Detects Bugs In Spreadsheets
13 PredictionIO - The Easy Recommendation Engine
14 NAG Library For Java Updated
15 MathJS A Math Library For JavaScript
16 Free Sage Math Cloud - Python And Symbolic Math
17 GUI For GNU Octave 3.8
18 Chaos Found In Weather Forecast -Same Code, Different Computer, Different Results
19 LibreOffice Calc To Get GPU support
20 A Computer Model Of Fairy Rings
21 NAG Routines for Supercomputers
22 Computer Model Explains High Blood Pressure
23 Is Excel To Blame For Our Economic Pain?
24 Hardware Mines Bitcoins Faster
25 Bitcoin Hits 10.5 Million - Mining Payment Halves
26 NAG for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor
27 NAG Updates C Library
28 Simulation Reveals Best Strategy For Congested Traffic
29 Companies That Use Spreadsheets Survive