Help Kickstart First Ever PerlDancer Book
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Saturday, 31 October 2015

The team who created PerlDancer have plans to publish a printed book about it and have opened a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise 15,000 Euros.


Dancer is the Perl Web Framework that took the world
by storm, widely recognized as the one bringing the fun back to web development.

As with all Open Source projects, documentation is Dancer's Achilles Heel. even though it is possibly more important to the potential growth and popularity of the project than the facilities it offers. After all, if you don't know how to use a method because it is undocumented or not explained in enough detail there's not much point in going any further. 

The Dancer documentation, which includes both a Cookbook and a Tutorial, is surprisingly well written, However, nothing can beat the structured and holistic guidance offered by a book. which can also convey the project's philosophy throughout its pages. You can't get that from merely reading a technical manual. 

But preparing a book that goes further than technical documentation takes time and while the core devs and maintainers of the project recognize the fact that project lives or dies by how well documented it is, their hands are tied. Working on their day jobs, travelling and speaking in conferences, etc leaves very little precious time to devote to hacking on their beloved project. So there's not much time left for writing documentation too - which tends to be considered a core chore in the programming world!

So with this Kickstarter they have turned to us the users,the devs,the pros,the hobbyists, to  support their effort and untie their hands through our funding which will give them the piece of mind and time to get on with it. Of course love is a thing that pays back, and in this case payment will come in the form of a book, ready to aid the very same community that gave love in the first place.      

Here is our chance too, to say thank you for giving people another reason to hack on Perl,keeping it going strong and relevant after so many years, many even making careers because of it. With this perspective, funding becomes not only a matter of supplying capital but also a matter of appreciation.

The campaign to raise 15,000 Euros has just started on Kickstarter and runs until November 29th. 





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