Fiberplane Open Sources Plug-In System
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 16 February 2023

Fiberplane is making its WebAssembly-based plugin system open source and available to anyone to connect to observability tools such as Prometheus, ElasticSearch and other data sources.

Fiberplane notebooks are collaborative spaces for teams with notebooks made up of cells to provide a centralized place to pull all the data about an incident together in one space. That data can be used by distributed teams managing a distributed system in real time.


Fiberplane says the notebooks offer a more coherent environment for finding and mitigating bugs compare to dashboards that need to be set up in advance, and more suited to distributed collaborative working.

The open sourcing of the plugins is an example of WebAssembly's growing adoption and use. Despite having been around for over five years, and being touted as a game changer when it was first introduced, WebAssembly has been quite slow to be adopted.

Fiberplane is also open sourcing its Provider Development Kit (PDK) which is written in Rust and allows developers to build their own plugins or providers, and the Fiberplane Daemon that executes the plugins or providers for those who are using their own servers - such as installation as a container inside a Kubernetes cluster.

The fact that plugins are compiled to WebAssembly means they can run both in the browser and backend. Developers can use them to create custom integrations with observability and monitoring software.

The full open source plugin system includes the provider development kit, a bindings generator for building plugins, and a first set of providers that consists of Prometheus, ElasticSearch, Sentry, Grafana Loki, Cloudwatch and a generic HTTP provider. There's also the Fiberplane Daemon (fpd) which teams can use to execute providers on their own infrastructure in a secure manner, and a command line interface that interacts with the Fiberplane API and its templating stack for Fiberplane notebooks.

The Fiberplane plugins are available now.


More Information

Fiberplane Website

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