Oracle Announces JSON Database Service
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 20 August 2020

Oracle has launched a JSON Database service at its Oracle Developer Live event. Oracle Autonomous JSON Database is described as a cloud service that’s built for developers who are looking for an easy to use, cost-effective JSON database.

The Oracle Autonomous JSON Database is a version of Oracle Database that stores data natively as JSON documents and collections. Data can be queried using SQL, and developers can work with data using NoSQL APIs. Supported languages include Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Python and C, and there's also a REST API. Everything is controlled using Oracle SODA API (Simple Oracle Document Access), which Oracle says is similar to MongoDB.


The appeal to users of products such as MongoDB will be the price - the new service is only a quarter of the cost of Oracle Autonomous Database service, and comes out at around 30% less than equivalent managed database services such as MongoDB Atlas, according to Oracle.

Another attraction of the new service is that it shares a platform with Oracle's 'standard' Autonomous Database Service, meaning developers can upgrade to the standard service very easily to add support for other data types. In addition to JSON, the full Oracle Database supports relational data, as well as graph, spatial, and key-value data.

Like Autonomous Database, Autonomous JSON Database requires zero administration by the developer, making it easier to work with, and this is really the major advantage of all of Oracle's Autonomous service offerings.

The new service stores JSON documents in a native tree-oriented binary format so it's highly optimized for fast reads because the format avoids linear scans. Partial updates are also fast, creating a database that provides low latency CRUD operations and full ACID consistency, including multi-document transactions.

It comes with built-in machine learning algorithms, support for spatial queries, and fine-grained access control.

The new service is available to try via a free Oracle Cloud Trial account:


More Information

Oracle Cloud Trial Account sign up

Oracle Autonomous JSON Service Webpage 

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