Amazon Cognito - A Sync Solution
Written by Lucy Black   
Friday, 11 July 2014

Amazon Cognito, a new user identity and data synchronization service,  helps you securely manage app data for your users across devices so that they can transition from one device to another without noticing.

When users log-in to an app that stores their progress they find it frustrating if, when they log in from, say. their phone, the app has forgotten where they had got to on the last visit when they were using their laptop and returned them to the point where they where last time they used their phone.

On the other hand building a backend that can handle such data synchronization can be no easy task and there are always server costs.

Now Amazon Web Services has come up with Cognito which does the job for you as this video explains:


With Amazon Cognito, you can save any kind of data in the AWS Cloud, such as app preferences or game state, without writing any backend code or managing any infrastructure. You can sync this data across a user’s devices, so that their app experience will be consistent regardless of the device they use.  

You can create unique identities for your users through a number of public login providers (Amazon, Facebook, and Google) and also support for unauthenticated guests. You can save app data locally on users’ devices allowing your applications to work even when the devices are offline.

Amazon Cognito has pay as you go pricing, with no upfront costs. You pay only for what you use and as part of the AWS Free Usage Tier, eligible AWS customers receive 10 GB of cloud sync store and 1,000,000 sync operations per month for the first 12 months. Beyond this free usage Amazon Cognito costs $0.15 for each 10,000 sync operations and $0.15 per GB of sync store per month.

If you want to provide your users with a device independent way of using your apps then Cognito seems like an easy choice. 

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