MariaDB SkySQL Improves AWS Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 11 May 2021

The MariaDB Corp team has updated SkySQL, its version of MariaDB as a fully managed database-as-a-service. The updated version comes with expanded support for Amazon Web Services.

MariaDB began life as an alternative to MySQL when Oracle took over the original MySQL. SkySQL is a pay-per-use product, where customers are charged hourly for compute and by the gigabyte for storage and networking..


The headline improvement in the new release is full support for AWS. SkySQL implements a secure connection between the customer and SkySQL virtual private clouds, and also supports configurable IOPS (Input/output Operations Per Second) to keep pricing predictable. SkySQL Monitoring can also be used to view databases as a multi-cloud view across AWS and GCP.

The new version also includes Xpand, MariaDB’s distributed SQL database that delivers massive scalability. Xpand is now generally available. It's a pluggable storage engine for transactions. MariaDB already had pluggable engines for optimizing specific workloads including analytical (columnar), read-heavy and write-heavy workloads. Xpand adds massively scalable distributed transactional capabilities. 

The MariaDB team says Xpand enables enterprise customers to gain all the benefits of distributed SQL – speed, availability, and scalability – while staying within MariaDB. The team says Xpand in SkySQL is fully optimized for performance and scalability, and compared to other distributed SQL options available in AWS and GCP, is the lowest cost option in the industry, saving at least a third the total cost.

Another feature improved in the new release include MaxScale, MariaDB’s database proxy, which hides the database layer from the application and coordinates automatic failover, transaction replay, load balancing and read/write splitting. This release of SkySQL lets customers deploy additional and more powerful MaxScale instances to run in an active/active configuration to increase redundancy and handle more concurrent connections. 


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