MariaDB 10.4 Reaches Release Candidate Status
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 18 June 2019

There are new versions of both the commercially supported subscription and free versions of MariaDB.

MariaDB began life as an alternative to MySQL when Oracle took over the original MySQL. The MariaDB company still has some of the original developers of MySQL, and is committed to remain open source. It is now a major player used by big name companies including Wikipedia, and Google. MariaDB has a SQL interface for accessing data, alongside GIS and JSON features.


The 10.4.5 Community Server version is available as a release candidate. Improvements to the general server include a new import option making it easier to import MySQL data, and the ability to use a limited subset of Microsoft SQL Server's language. Recovery of InnoDB files has been made faster, and InnoDB works better with encrypted tables.

MariaDB Enterprise Server is also available in a new version code named “Restful Nights” - "for the peace of mind it brings to enterprise customers". This release is has the same improvements as the Community version, alongside extras. It is described as new, hardened and secured,  offering even greater stability, security and scalability above and beyond the MariaDB Community Server. In practical terms it adds extra features such as enterprise backup, audit and cluster as well as bi-temporal support and instant schema changes.

While Enterprise Server is still fully open source, new releases are available earlier to subscription customers, alongside support, more tools, and extra features such as automatic failover support and query result caching. The Enterprise Server version also offers more security with encrypted buffers, dynamic data masking, data obfuscation, a database firewall, and query result limiting.

For analytics, the Enterprise version adds to the C, Java and Python import clients with connectors for Spark, Kafka and Pentaho.




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