MariaDB Announces New Enterprise Server
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 28 February 2019

There's a new version of the MariaDB database aimed at enterprise users. MariaDB Enterprise Server is designed to combine open source with enterprise features such as fine-grained auditing and end-to-end encryption.

MariaDB began life as an alternative to MySQL when Oracle took over the original MySQL. The MariaDB company still has some of the original developers of MySQL, and is committed to remain open source. It is now a major player used by big name companies including Wikipedia, and Google. MariaDB has a SQL interface for accessing data, alongside GIS and JSON features.




MariaDB Enterprise Server will add new features such as more powerful and fine-grained auditing, faster, highly reliable backups for large databases and end-to-end encryption for all data at rest in MariaDB clusters. The MariaDB Enterprise Server will be pre-configured to meet the requirements of secure production environments. It will still be fully open source and will be the default version for customers using MariaDB Platform on-premises or in the cloud. The MariaDB Community Server is still being actively developed.

Max Mether, VP of Server Product Management at MariaDB Corporation said that because enterprise customers have such a strong focus on stability and security, the company is focusing on a different solution by creating another version of MariaDB Server specifically focused on enterprise production workloads.

The new version of MariaDB Enterprise Server will have features that aren't included in the MariaDB Community Server, such as an improved audit plugin, enhanced MariaDB Backup and full data-at-rest encryption of MariaDB Cluster. The Enterprise version will also more cautious in the features that are included. Features that are included in the Community Edition while under development won't be added to the Enterprise Edition until they are production-grade and fully supported.

MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4 will become available with the next version of MariaDB Platform in spring 2019. The team will also release GA versions of MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.2 and 10.3, this spring, that will include high-end enterprise features, such as enhanced backup. 




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