Couchbase Updates Mobile And Edge Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 28 February 2022

Couchbase has released Couchbase Mobile 3, which the developers say includes many enhancements to the Couchbase Lite and Sync Gateway products for mobile and edge computing solutions.

Couchbase is a distributed NoSQL cloud database that grew from a merger between Membase and CouchOne, with the aim of creating a scalable, high-performance document-oriented database system. Couchbase combines the properties of a distributed document database (JSON) with features of a traditional DBMS including distributed SQL, transactions, and ACID guarantees.


The headline changes to this major release start with the addition of a C API for Couchbase Lite. The new API means developers can use Couchbase Lite on a variety of embedded platforms. The Couchbase team says they are also introducing "significant architectural enhancements" that will make it simpler to configure and administer the platform.


Specifically, the Sync Gateway configuration has been improved to make it cluster-aware, and it now provides a secure RESTful API endpoint to make runtime administration simpler. The API also has support for database encryption in the form of client side field level encryption. This means Couchbase Lite C clients can encrypt fields in documents before it is replicated to Couchbase Server..

Query support has been extended using a fluent API that in addition to supporting SQL can now be used with N1QL formatted query strings. N1QL for Mobile is Couchbase's implementation of the SQL++ SQL-for-JSON query language specification.

Kotlin support has also been improved in this release. Untill now, Android app developers had to make use of Kotlin's interoperability with Java and use the Android Java SDK for Couchbase Lite within Kotlin apps. This release comes with a "fully-supported, out-of-the-box idiomatic API for Kotlin" that avoids the need for custom extensions.

Couchbase Mobile 3 is available now. 


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