Oracle Announces Service For Azure
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 08 August 2022

Oracle has announced a new Oracle Service for Microsoft Azure. Using the fully managed service, Azure customers can provision, access, and operate Oracle Database services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with a familiar Azure-like experience.

Oracle has offered a route to working with Azure since 2019 through the OCI-Azure Interconnect, which offers secure, private interconnections. To use this, customers have to configure and manage the connections between the cloud environments, DNS entries, and more, to run workloads across Azure and OCI. The new service builds on OCI-Azure Interconnect with simplified setup, management, and connectivity of application components in Azure to databases running in OCI.


Oracle says the Oracle Database Service for Azure enables any customer to seamlessly integrate workloads on Microsoft Azure with Oracle Database services on OCI. Customers using the service also benefit from having no data egress or ingress charges when moving data between OCI and Azure.

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With the new Oracle Database Service for Azure, Azure teams can treat databases running on OCI like an Azure resource, and can connect their Azure subscriptions to their OCI tenancy in a few clicks. The service automatically configures all the settings needed to link the two cloud environments and federates Azure active directory identities, making it seamless for Azure users to use the service. It also provides an Azure-like user interface and API experience for provisioning and managing Oracle database services on OCI. ODSA builds a private tunnel between the Azure and OCI tenants. The service also configures DNS on both sides of the pipe to enable bi-directional communication between applications in the Azure tenant and database resources in OCI.

Once the databases are up and running, the service delivers OCI database metrics, events, and logs to Azure, alongside the rest of your Azure data for unified telemetry and monitoring.

Oracle says that the service also simplifies customer support with a collaborative support model. Any problems can be resolved via an issue resolution process that can be initiated with either Microsoft or Oracle.


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