Google Announces Forms API
Written by Alex Denham   
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Google has announced a restricted beta of the Google Forms API, with an open beta due within a few months. The API works with Google Forms, which provides a way to create and distribute forms, surveys, and quizzes.

The new Google Forms API is designed to add a way to create programs for managing forms and acting on responses. The team behind the API says the features for form creation and editing is ideal for working with large volumes of forms that need to be auto-generated from question banks or other data.


These features can be used to create new forms and quizzes, edit existing forms, and add questions, point values, and correct answers. When reading forms, there are functions to identify correct answers, award points based on criteria, and give feedback to answers.

The API can also be used to read responses to forms, including push notifications, notifications via cloud pub sub. Developers can also include code to subscribe to real-time form updates via Cloud Pub/Sub, and receive either push or pull notifications when forms change. There are also functions to be notified when a form is edited or when a form response is submitted, and to see the answers to each question, how long it took the person filling in the form to respond, and what the answer grades and feedback were.

The API also allows developers to build automated handling to act on incoming responses. Examples include developing real-time dashboards or visualizations and triggering business workflows based on response data.

The developers say they anticipate promoting the API to open beta in Q4 2021, with GA following in 2022.

The team says they encourage developers to apply to be an early adopter to get started with the API today. Members of the closed beta will naturally get updates about the open beta and improvements to the API.


More Information

Application form to be an early adopter

Google Forms API Documentation

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