IntelliJ IDEA Updated To Be Faster And Smaller
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 31 December 2019

There's a new release of JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA, that the developers claim is faster to start up, uses less memory, and has a more responsive UI. IntelliJ IDEA is a well-known Java IDE for web, desktop and mobile development, and the updated version is part of the regular update cycle that has seen three major updates this year.

The IntelliJ team has focused on the performance and overall quality of the IDE. According to Zlata Kalyuzhnaya, Marketing Manager at JetBrains:

"We held a quality-marathon, during which the IntelliJ IDEA team rallied together with several other JetBrains developer teams, to work specifically on polishing the IDE and make performance improvements, UI responsiveness fixes, usability enhancements, improvements in the existing functionality, and more."



One of the main priorities was to boost the start-up time, which was achieved by parallelizing some of the processes that used to run sequentially, reorganizing the classes in a way that makes the initial class loading faster, and optimizing the font loading on macOS.

The team has also been trying to Improve the UI responsiveness, partially by making it easier to report UI freezes, and also by resolving the reports that have been received. They say they were able to resolve a number of issues that were causing UI freezes in over 1600 reports, and that IntelliJ IDEA no longer freezes when a regular expression pattern matches very long strings in “Find in path” or when working with a large number of editor or debugger tabs. The IDE now also renders the project tree faster. Other editor freezes have been fixed by optimizing Java type inference.

Elsewhere, the Java type inference for long method call chains now works much faster, and code highlighting is faster in Java files, especially when it comes to methods with generic var-args (Arrays.asList, Map.ofEntries, etc.) into which dozens of arguments are passed. 


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IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3 download

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