Apache Isis Adds Non-Public Visibility
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 08 March 2022

Apache Isis has a new milestone release that adds the ability for members and their methods to have non-public visibility. Isis is a framework for developing UIs for domain-driven apps in Java.

Isis can be used to create user interfaces for domain object models, and these can then be customized by including additional components and extensions. To use it  you write your business logic in entities, domain services or view models, and Isis then builds both a generic user interface and also a rich hypermedia REST API directly from the underlying domain objects. The Isis team says this makes for extremely rapid prototyping and a short feedback cycle, perfect for agile development..


The main new feature in this release start with a new introspection policy that means members and their supporting methods can have non-public visibility. Introspection controls on a per class basis how meta-model class introspection should process members, supporting methods and callback methods.

The second main improvement is a substantial reworking of the treatment of value types. This, along with refactoring of implementation within the Wicket viewer, are designed to get closer to adding support for a composite value type. The Wicket Viewer automatically exposes an Apache Isis domain object model for use by end-users, and is implemented using Apache Wicket, Apache's open source Java web framework.

Support for UserLocale, specifically the language, number format, and time format, has been added as an attribute of the current user / user memento, and the handling of the logical type name for superclasses and supertypes has been rationalized.

The final improvement of note is that Isis now uses DataNucleus 6. The DataNucleus Object Store enables domain objects to be persisted to relational as well as NoSQL databases.

Apache Isis 2 Milestone 7 is available now.


More Information

Isis On GitHub

Apache Isis Website

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