GitLab 14.9 Integrates Security Training
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 31 March 2022

GitLab has been updated with improvements including epic-to-epic linking and integrated security training. The company has also announced changes to the free tier of GitLab.

GitLab is the web-based repository manager for Git. It is a DevOps platform designed to combine the ability to develop, secure, and operate software in a single application.


GitLab now supports linking epics using “related”, “blocking,” or “blocked” relationships. Epics are a way to manage a portfolio of projects more efficiently by tracking groups of issues across projects and milestones. The increased ability to link epics will enable teams to better track and manage epic dependencies across GitLab groups, according to the GitLab team.

The new release also has a new design for the Environments page. This lets developers operate and understand deployments but the design hid some important information and was difficult to read. GitLab 14.9 has improvements so you can see the status of the latest deployment, the status for various environments, and which commits have been deployed.

The integrated security training goes alongside GitLab's security scanning tools, and aims to overcome the problem that arises when there's no recommended solution for problems reported by the scanning tools. GitLab has teamed up with two partners who are providing context-aware training content.

The changes to the free tier of GitLab only affect GitLab SaaS, which will have a limit of 5 users per namespace beginning June 22, 2022. The changes don't apply to plans for self-managed users and Community programs, including GitLab for Education, GitLab for Startups, and GitLab for Open Source. The company said:

"To ensure we can continue to offer the Free tier to small teams, we are limiting the number of users per namespace on the Free tier to 5 users. These changes allow us to invest more in research and development for product innovation of the GitLab DevOps Platform. These changes impact fewer than 2% of Free tier users within 0.3% of namespaces."

GitLab 14.9 is available now.


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