Gitpod And JetBrains Launch Remote Development Partnership
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 28 April 2022

Gitpod and JetBrains have announced a partnership aimed at improving developers' facilities for remote development. The move adds the ability to use the automated, cloud-based developer environments provisioned by Gitpod to desktop IDEs.

JetBrains IDEs cover a wide range of languages and are popular development environments. They include IntelliJ IDEA, the well-known Java IDE for web, desktop and mobile development. Gitpod is a browser-based development environment that is implemented as a Kubernetes application. Gitpod provides an IDE that can be launched from any GitHub page.








The partnership between JetBrains and Gitpod means that developers can seamlessly connect the Gitpod developer environments to their favorite desktop IDE from JetBrains. JetBrains says the integration

"brings the power of the cloud including all developer experience, security, and collaboration benefits to the famous programming language intelligence and tooling smartness."

The integration has an automated setup that connects cloud-based, remote developer environments to a developer’s IDE  The environment offers the ability to have multiple workspaces with different configurations open at once, so a developer could have one for reviewing a PR/MR and another for working on a bug.

The developers say the neutral environment removes the "‘works on my machine" discussion, as sessions always start from a clean state. The cloud-based environment makes it easier to bring new developers into a team. The fact no packages or dependencies are downloaded to users' devices protects local machines and other company resources from malicious attacks through execution of arbitrary code.

All indexing, compiling and language processing happens in the cloud, while a thin client runs locally and provides the user experience that is familiar from desktop IDEs. To enable this, Gitpod has internally built a SSH gateway and redesigned the Gitpod loading screen and expanded the preferences to enable both Desktop and Browser based workflows.  The SSH gateway will also be available to Gitpod's vim and emacs users.

The integrated environment is now available as a beta release.



More Information

Gitpod Website

JetBrains website

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