Microsoft Introduces SharePoint Embedded VSCode Extension
Written by Mike James   
Thursday, 22 February 2024

Microsoft has released a preview version of a SharePoint Embedded Visual Studio Code extension, describing it as a new tool for developers who want to get started with SharePoint Embedded application development.

Visual Studio Code is Microsoft's open source code editor that shares part of its name, but not much else, with full Visual Studio. It is open source under a MIT license and development is conducted on GitHub. It is free to use and according to surveys is the preferred IDE across all developers.


Microsoft SharePoint Embedded is a new API-only solution that gives app developers the means to work with the Microsoft 365 file and document storage platform for any app. Its main audience is in-house developers building line of business applications and ISVs building multitenant applications. It is a cloud-based file and document management system. When a consumer installs or registers a SharePoint Embedded application in their Microsoft 365 tenant, SharePoint Embedded creates another SharePoint partition within their tenant. This storage partition doesn't have a user interface, the documents in the partition are only accessible via APIs. This means that all documents will be accessible to the ISV or developer’s application, but the documents will only reside in the consumer’s Microsoft 365 tenant.

The extension lets developers create and configure Azure Entra app registrations for use with SharePoint Embedded. It can also be used to create and manage free trial container types, and to create additional guest apps on a free trial container type.

The extension also works with the SharePoint Embedded Postman Collection, a set of pre-configured requests that can be used to interact with the SharePoint Embedded REST API. The Postman Collection can be used to test SharePoint Embedded applications, perform operations on container types and guest apps, and explore SharePoint Embedded features and capabilities.

The preview of the SharePoint Embedded Visual Studio Code extension is available now.


  • Mike James is both editor-in-chief of IProgrammer and a prolific author. VS Code is now his preferred code editor and is used throughout his Programmer's Python: Something Completely Different series of books and in his most recent title, Extending & Embedding Python Using C, a book which takes a "best of both world's approach" - C for speed and Python for ease of programming.

More Information

SharePoint Embedded Visual Studio Code extension on Marketplace

Visual Studio Code Website

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