Creator of arXiv Wins Einstein Award
Thursday, 02 December 2021

2021 sees the inauguration of the Einstein Foundation Award for Promoting Quality in Research. It comes from the Berlin-based Einstein Foundation and carries a prize of 200,000 Euros. The first-ever individual laureate is Paul Ginsparg, creator of arXiv, the repository of electronic preprints that, after 30 years, has almost 2 Million scientific articles on open access.


This new award comes from the Einstein Foundation which was founded in 2009 by the State of Berlin and honours the work of Albert Einstein and its immense significance for science and society in Berlin and across the globe. It aims to:

provide recognition and publicity for outstanding efforts that enhance the rigor, reliability, robustness, and transparency of research in the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities, and stimulate awareness and activities fostering research quality among scientists, institutions, funders, and politicians. 

The inaugural individual award of $200,00 goes to Paul Ginsparg for his work in developing and maintaining, the first platform to make scientific preprints immediately available globally and pioneering the use of new technologies in automated quality control. In its statement announcing the award the Einstein Foundation stated:

In developing, Ginsparg has laid the foundations for a revolution in scientific publishing as preprint servers are now commonly used in many scientific fields. They have been instrumental in supporting the rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic

As he recounts in this video, Ginsparg started arXiv, (“The Archive”), a document server for preprints, on which scientific findings are published without review and paywall restrictions, while working at Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1991. It was initially called the Los Alamos E-Print Archive and was hosted in a server stored beneath Ginsparg’s desk. When he joined the faculty at Cornell in 2001, where he is now professor of physics and professor of information science in the Bowers College of Computing and Information Science, arXiv moved with him. It was hosted until the end of 2018 by Cornell University Library and is now managed by Cornell Tech. Today, the portal holds almost two million scientific articles from the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, statistics, electrical engineering, systems science, and economics.


Commenting on the award Ginsparg said:

“Thirty years later, it’s always gratifying to hear from a new generation of researchers that arXiv continues to have a profound daily effect on their research activities.” 


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