Micro:bit Commando Jump with The Microsoft Block Editor
Written by Mike James   
Monday, 04 July 2016
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Micro:bit Commando Jump with The Microsoft Block Editor
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There are plenty of opportunities for improving the game - put the play code inside another loop so that the player can have multiple goes, add some sound, add a scoring system that take time into account, and so on.

All of these improvements are possible but without subroutines or functions the size of the block program gets bigger and bigger and eventually so big it is unwieldy. 

What does this game implementation tell us about the Microsoft Block Editor? The verdict has to be that it is really only suitable for smallish programs. 

If you would like to see how this game can be is implemented in the three other language systems supported by the micro:bit see:

Commando Jump Game For The Micro:bit In JavaScript

Commando Jump Game For The Micro:bit In Touch Develop

Commando Jump Game For The Micro:bit In Python

For our verdict on which langauage to use for programming the micro:bit see The BBC Micro:bit Which Language?, our analysis after working on all four implementations, which includes an overview of the four alternatives.

If you want to get the most from the micro:bit as an IoT device C is the language of choice. For help with this turn to micro:bit IoT In C Harry Fairhead's new book on this topic which opens with Getting Started With C/C++ specifically for the micro:bit.


The BBC micro:bit and the BBC micro:bit Activity Kit is available to pre-order for shipment to the UK this month (US and other destinations to follow) from design partner Technology Will Save Us.


More Information

BBC mico:bit website

Technology Will Save Us

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