December Week 5
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Saturday, 03 January 2015

If you need to know what's important for the developer, you can rely on  I Programmer to sift through the news and uncover the most relevant stories. Our weekly digest gives a handy summary. This one is for December 25-31, 2014.



Top Rated Books Of The Year

Over the holiday season we are giving our reviewers a well deserved break. Instead of new reviews we are re-publishing books that were given a 5-star rating during the year. Click on these links to discover why our reviewers were so impressed. If you want more details, view sample pages, download an introductory chapter or to purchase them from Amazon, click on the book jacket links on the right





The Effects Of AI - Stanford 100 Year Study   Wednesday 31 December

Stanford University has announced a 100-year effort to study on the effects of artificial intelligence on every aspect of how people work, live, and play.



Android OS History   Wednesday 31 December

This is a realy useful infographic. Print it out. Stick it on a wall and you will always know when each Android OS version hit the market and what it brought to the table. 



Microsoft Planning A New Browser   Tuesday 30 December

There is a rumor, but with an impecable source, doing the rounds at the moment - Microsoft is going to introduce a new browser as part of Windows 10. 



JetBrains Upsource Released   Tuesday 30 December

A new repository browser and code review tool has been released by JetBrains. Upsource 1.0 has until now been available in beta, but is now RTM.



Libscore Rates JavaScript Libraries By Usage   Monday 29 December

With so many JavaScript libraries available, how do you choose which one for web develpment. Libscore is a new tool designed to help.



Smartphones and Robots In Royal Institution Christmas Lectures   Sunday 28 December

The title of this year's Royal Institution Christmas Lectures sounds intriguing Sparks Will Fly - How to Hack your Home, A New Revolution.



I am a C programmer   Saturday 27 December

So you aspire to the heights of becoming a C programmer. You want to speak the language of gods. Be careful what you wish for. This classic video from 2011 deserves to be much better known. 



Can You Do The Regular Expression Crossword?   Friday 26 December

This article, first published in February 2013, proved to be our most popular ever. For those who missed or, or who want to be reminded of it, here it is again. Programmers often say that regular expressions are fun ... but now they can be a whole lot of fun in a completely new way. Want to try your hand at a regular expression crossword?



How Robots Celebrate Christmas   Thursday 25 December

Robots always do the same thing - what we tell them to. So even at Christmas, or any other time what they do is follow orders. In this case the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH seems to want them to help get us into the festive spirit. 



Donald Knuth's Christmas Tree Lecture   Thursday 25 December

In a tradition that is in its 20th year, Donald Knuth presented his 2014 Christmas Tree lecture at Stanford University earlier this month. His topic, as always, is related to something new about trees he learned during the year - in this instance (3/2)-ary Trees.


The Core

Sorting Algorithms as Dances   Tuesday 30 December

One surprise viral success for I Programmer was the amazing "Sorting Algorithms as Dances", a set of videos by Sapientia University that show how to sort things by dancing the various algorithms. If you missed them so far, or are ready for a re-run, here's a compilation of the entire set.


Babbage's Bag

What if Babbage..?   Friday 26 December

It was on this day 223 years ago (December 26, 1791) that Charles Babbage was born. The calculating machines he invented in the 19th century, although  never fully realized in his lifetime, are rightly seen as the forerunners of modern programmable computers. What if he had succeeded? Babbage already had plans for games arcades, chess playing machines, sound generators and desktop publishing. A Victorian computer revolution was entirely possible. 




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