April Week 2
Saturday, 18 April 2020

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April 9 - 15, 2020 


Feature Articles

Programmer's Guide To Theory - Why Recursion
Mike James
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So you know what recursion is, but do you know why it is? This is what this extract from Chapter 15 the latest book by Mike James is all about. Once we get past the definition: Recursion, see Recursion we go on to look at where it is and is not useful.

The Monty Hall Problem
Mike James
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The Monty Hall problem is an exercise in probability theory that even experts get wrong. It seems to be subtle and even paradoxical, but when you notice exactly what is going on it becomes obvious. Read this article and I guarantee you will understand the Monty Hall problem and recognize when it occurs in other settings. 


jQuery 3.5 - Still Relevant!
15 Apr | Ian Elliot
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Although not as important as it once was, jQuery 3.5 has just been announced and it is still JavaScript's standard library.

GitHub Free For All Teams
15 Apr | Kay Ewbank
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GitHub is making core premium features free for everyone. The Microsoft-owned software hosting and collaboration company has announced that companies can create and use private development repositories without having to pay fees.

Are Developers Old At 40? Surely Not
15 Apr | Sue Gee
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How old do you have to be to be counted as an old developer? A new study suggests that you could be seen old at 30 - which is well under the average age of software developers.

Apache Flink StateFun 2 Released
14 Apr | Kay Ewbank
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Apache Flink has released Stateful Functions 2, the first version of its event-driven database that includes the feature of stateful functions, small piece of codes that are invoked through a message.  

Nim 1.2 Arrives With New Garbage Collector
14 Apr | Ian Elliot
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There's a new release of Nim, the systems programming language, formerly called Nimrod. This update features a new garbage collector and new sugar macros.

Wanted - COBOL Programmers
13 Apr | Sue Gee
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One of the unexpected side effects of the corona virus pandemic is a chronic shortage of COBOL programmers. The Open Mainframe Project has launched new initiatives in response to the call for help and IBM plans to provide free training in the legacy language.

Dwitter On The JavaScript Demoscene
13 Apr | Nikos Vaggalis
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How much awesomeness can you fit in only 140 characters of JavaScript and a (HTML) canvas? Part of the demoscene, Dwitter hosts small but powerful user-contributed JavaScript snippets that run in the browser and do amazing things.

John Conway Dies From Coronavirus
12 Apr | Sue Gee
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John Conway, the mathematician who will be forever known to many programmers as the man who invented The Game of Life, died on April 11, 2020 at the age of 82, a victim of COVID-19. 

Too Good To Miss: The Rise and Fall of Websites Since 1996
11 Apr | Lucy Black
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Some of our articles deserve a second outing. Here we have one such from last September to add to our occasional Too Good to Miss series. It's about a video animation of how the websites you know and cherished ebbed and flowed in popularity over the last quarter of a century. Watch and be amazed. 

Minecraft Education Edition Worlds Available For Free
10 Apr | Nikos Vaggalis
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In yet another offering during the pandemic, Microsoft has made a number of Minecraft Worlds available for free until June 30.

GNOME Community Education Challenge Launched
10 Apr | Kay Ewbank
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The GNOME Foundation, in partnership with Endless, has announced a competition the goal of which is to encourage individuals or teams to submit stimulating ideas that will connect the next generation of coders to the free and open-source software (FOSS) community and keep them involved for years to come. 

Nina Balcan Is ACM Young Computer Professional of 2019
09 Apr | Sue Gee
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ACM has named Maria-Florina Balcan of Carnegie Mellon University as the recipient of the 2019 ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award, for influential and pioneering work in machine learning which has solved longstanding open problems.  

Babel Improves JSX Optimization
09 Apr | Kay Ewbank
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There's a minor upgrade to Babel ahead of the 8.0 release expected in the next few months. The current update adds support for TypeScript 3.8 and improves the optimization for JSX transforms. 


Books of the Week

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Full Review


  • Awarding a rating of 4 out of 5, Mike James concludes:

This is a short book and doesn't tell you all the details, but if you have the time to read it and the resources to follow the practicals, you should emerge as a GAN expert.




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