October Week 2
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Saturday, 17 October 2020

Get up to speed on stuff that affects you as a developer by reading about the news and books written by programmers, for programmers. This week's feature articles are the final installment of Nikos Vaggalis' account of the new Udacity Java Web Developer Nanodegree and Mike James explains why computers could be everywhere.

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October 8 -14, 2020    

Featured Articles

The Insider's Guide to the Java Web Developer Nanodegree - 5
Nikos Vaggalis
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In the final installment of his account of the new Udacity Nanodegree program that will enhance your career prospects as a Java web developer, Nikos Vagglis runs the final lap - Security and DevOps.

The Computer - What's The Big Idea?
Mike James
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There can't be a more central concept than “the computer” to what programmers know, but it is such a commonplace that we tend to take it for granted and miss how truly amazing it is. It might just be that computers are everywhere and built into the very fabric of the universe. So what is a computer? What makes it so special?


News and Comment

Insights From Couchbase Connect
14 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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Ahead of the opening today of the Couchbase Connect.Online event, Kay Ewbank asked Couchbase about some of its latest products and services. 

Ada Lovelace Day 2020
13 Oct | Sue Gee
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Today is being celebrated as Ada Lovelace Day, a event which aims to raise the profile of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. In common with so many event-oriented celebrations, it isn't happening "as per normal". However, there are some future events that celebrate women in STEM.

Functional Programming For Big Data Analytics UPDATE
13 Oct | Sue Gee
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A new online course that provides an introduction to the principles of functional programming, the particular challenges of distributed systems, and how big data processing systems use functional programming to respond to these obstacles starts next week. Enroll by October 14th to join the inaugural presentation.  

CNIL Publishes GDPR Guide For Developers
13 Oct | Nikos Vaggalis
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The GDPR is a headache for developers. It's just not clear enough what we have to do to keep our apps compliant. Fortunately CNIL has published a detailed guide for just this case.

Dart Adds Unified Developer Tool
12 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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Dart has been upgraded with a new unified Dart developer tool that can be used to create projects, analyze and format code, run tests, and compile apps. The new release also incorporates a tool that checks for incorrect assignment of nulls.

JetBrains Kotlin 1.4 Online Starts Today
12 Oct | Sue Gee
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Kotlin 1.4 Online, a 4-day event organized by JetBrains, the creators of Kotlin, starts today, October 12th and continues until Thursday. Each day's program includes four 30-40 minute talks and is rounded out with a Q&A session.  There are also prizes on offer for paying attention

AI Replaces Thousand Dollar Guitar Tube Amps
11 Oct | Harry Fairhead
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The faithful still love their old fashioned technology in the form of analog tube amps specifically, but not always, for guitars. The only problem is that they can cost thousands of dollars. Why not let AI lose on the problem? That's what SmartGuitarAmp does and it's free and open source.

DevFest 2020 - Largest Virtual Google Developer Event
09 Oct | Sue Gee
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Like so much this year,  DevFest is happening virtually. Taking place October 16-18, it still intends to bring together thousands of developers globally for a weekend of community-led technical learning and a shared passion for Google technologies.

Imagine Cup Junior 2021 Underway
09 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft has announced the launch of Imagine Cup Junior AI for Good Challenge 2021. This is the second year the competition for secondary students has run, with last year's competition seeing entries from students across 23 countries.

Mozilla Showcases Badges For Firefox Add-Ons
08 Oct | Lucy Black
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Having selected participants for the pilot of its Promoted Add-ons program, Mozilla has started to review their extensions. As a result Verified badges have begun to appear on Firefox Extensions. 

Google Launches Learn For Developers
08 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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Google has announced the launch of Learn, described as a new one-stop destination for developers to achieve the knowledge and skills needed to develop software with Google's technology.



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