October Week 4
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Saturday, 31 October 2020

Get up to speed on stuff that affects you as a developer! Our weekly digest summarizes the articles, book reviews and news written each day by programmers, for programmers. This week we also have an excerpt from Ian Elliot's book on JavaScript Bitmap Graphics and Mike James looks at another aspect of WPF .NET Core, Routed Events.

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October 22 - 28, 2020      

Featured Articles

JavaScript Canvas - Blobs & Files
Ian Elliot
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Blobs and files, sounds interesting and useful if you want to load or save graphics files or create them dynamically. In this extract from my new book on JavaScript Graphics, we look at the basics of what makes a blob a file.

WPF .NET Core - Routed Events
Mike James
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Routed events are a key feature of WPF. We look at bubbling and tunnelling and how to create your own routed event and how WPF changes the underlying mechanics of Windows.




Programming News and Views

Developers Finally In Revolt Against Apple
28 Oct | Mike James
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The Epic v Apple legal wrangle seems to have started a long overdue revolt against the Apple App store. Can the Coalition for App Fairness make a difference?

Google Data Studio Improves Analytics
28 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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Google Data Studio has been updated with a new connector for Google Surveys, and a new, more intelligent Google Analytics that uses machine learning to automatically bring insights to the surface.

MDN Web Docs Call For Participation
27 Oct | Sue Gee
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There's a new editorial strategy for MDN Web Docs and a radical platform change is on the cards. Meanwhile the call has gone our for the community to rally round and help out with day-to-day tasks on MDN.

Neo4j Announces Graph Machine Learning Framework
27 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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Neo4j has announced a graph machine learning framework that the developers describe as making advanced graph-based machine learning techniques more accessible.

Introducing The Android Kotlin Developer Nanodegree
26 Oct | Nikos Vaggalis
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The old Android Java Developer Nanodegree is shelved, making way for the new kid on the block - Kotlin. So whwew does the new Udacity Android Kotlin Developer slot in?

Node.js 15 Improves Rejection Handling
26 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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Node.js, the JavaScript runtime, has been updated with support for npm 7, better handling of rejections, and an experimental abort controller.

Tesla Autopilot Easily Confused By Phantom Images
25 Oct | Mike James
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Security researchers have demonstrated that Tesla's self-driving  software can easily be fooled into thinking that brief projections of objects are real and so cause it to behave incorrectly. This is worrying, but how worrying?

MongoDB Atlas Adds MultiCloud Cluster Support
23 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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MongoDB Atlas has been updated with support for multi-cloud clusters. The developers have also updated MongoDB CLI and say it now offers 'Atlas performance advice on your terminal'.

Staying Productive As A Solo Programmer
23 Oct | Editor
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Many developers work as alone as a single-person team. While there are many advantages to this - no need for meetings or other distractions, it can be difficult to maintain the momentum. Here's a look at what it takes to keep a solo programmer productive!

Lightstep Adds New GitHub Action
22 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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Lightstep has announced a new GitHub action, Lightstep Pre-Deploy Check, designed to help developers be proactive about ensuring the quality and performance of their software before it’s actually deployed.

Introducing the DigitalOcean App Platform
22 Oct | Nikos Vaggalis
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With DigitalOcean's new App Platform, setting up and deploying an app to the cloud as easy as point and click.


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  • Elements Of Game Design (MIT Press)


  • Reviewer: Kay Ewbank  Rating: 4.5 out of 5
    Verdict: An interesting and well-written book.Never wow zap sensational, it approaches game development as a serious job that you need to understand at an intellectual level. Recommended. 

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