April Week 1
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Saturday, 10 April 2021

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April 1 - 7, 2021    

Featured Articles    

Programming Book Choices For Fun
Kay Ewbank

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There are lots of books on the 'mainstream' programming languages such as C++, JavaScript, Python, but what should you buy if you're wanting to encourage someone with the fun of programming, to either a child or a non-techie?

The Heart Of A Compiler
Mike James
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Compilers are an essential part of using a computer - but there was a time when they simply didn't exist. First we had to realize that we needed such a thing and then we had to figure out how to build it.


Programming News and Views  

Fortran Re-enters TIOBE Index Top 20 While Objective-C Leaves
07 Apr | Mike James
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The two languages that are making headline news in the TIOBE Index for April 2021 are Objective-C which has left the top 20 and Fortran which is back there after more than 10 years.

Firefox Close To Offering Local Translation
07 Apr | Sue Gee
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Project Bergamot is an initiative to provide client-side machine spoken language translation in Firefox. Under development since 2019 this work-in-progress it is now available in Firefox Nightly. Currently, it is possible to translate Spanish and Estonian to English and vice versa, and English to German.

Apache Isis 2 M5 Adds Spring Boot Integration
06 Apr | Alex Denham
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There's a new milestone release of Apache Isis, the framework for developing UIs for domain-driven apps in Java. It provides JPA persistence support as an alternative to JDO and includes support for Spring Data. 

JetBrains Releases Projector For Swing
06 Apr | Kay Ewbank
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JetBrains has released the initial version of Projector, an open source tool and framework for running JetBrains IDEs and Swing apps remotely over your network.

Oracle V Google Android Case Settled
05 Apr | Mike James
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At long last the 10 year case between Oracle and Google over the copyright or otherwise of the APIs used in Android is settled, the SCOTUS verdict is in.

Brendan Eich Talks About JavaScript & More
05 Apr | Sue Gee
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In a recent Lex Fridman podcast, Brendan Eich, the creator 25 years ago of JavaScript and currently of the Brave browser, provided his views on early programming languages,  JavaScript and Firefox and explains how his new browser takes a different approach.

Festo's BionicSwifts Fly Like Real Birds
04 Apr | Lucy Black
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A new video from Festo shows its flock of five BionicSwifts moving gracefully in a coordinated and autonomous manner. Thanks to the way their wings are modelled on the plumage of real birds, these BionicSwifts have an even more convincing flight profile than previously.

Imagine Cup 2021 - Who Will Be World Champions?
02 Apr | Lucy Black
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For 2021 the Imagine Cup became an all-digital challenge and is now entering it's final phase with four teams selected to compete in the World Championship for a top prize of USD $75,000 and mentorship with Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella.   

Free April From Pluralsight
02 Apr | Sue Gee
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Pluralsight is again giving free, unlimited access to its entire library of more than 7,000 video courses for the entire month of April. New users have to sign up with an email address but don't need to provide credit card details.

What Programming Has Come To - Copy & Paste
01 Apr | Mike James
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A new April Fools joke is no joke as it reveals what others think of us. In particular Stack Overflow should know better than to bring its own programming methodology into disrepute...

DataGrip 2021 Adds Azure MFA support
01 Apr | Kay Ewbank
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JetBrains DataGrip has been updated with support for Azure MFA and the ability to edit data in MongoDB via its UI. This is the first of DataGrip's regular updates in 2021, hence the version number of 2021.1.


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Reviewer: Mike James  Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Verdict: This is a well-regarded book that is more than just a reference work. Recommended if you want a C# language guide that you intend to dip into rather than read cover to cover.

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