November Week 4
Saturday, 03 December 2022

Get up to speed on stuff that affects you as a developer with our weekly digest. It summarizes the week's news together with the week's book review and new titles selected for Book Watch Archive. This week we have a further extract from Programmer's Python: Async in which Mike James looks at process-based parallelism, which has the advantage of no GIL problems.

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November 24 - 30, 2022

Featured Articles

Programmer's Python Async - Process-Based Parallelism
28 Nov | Mike James
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The asyncio module may be the hottest topic in town, but it isn't the only asynchronous feature in Python worth knowing about. Find out about process-based parallelism in this extract from my new book Programmer's Python: Async. It has the advantage of no GIL problems.


Exposing the Kubernetes Dashboard with Istio Service Mesh
24 Nov | Sigal Zigelboim
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This step-by-step guide shows how to use Istio to easily expose your Kubernetes dashboard to users and administrators of your cluster. But first, an introduction to Istio and the advantages it offers for managing cluster communications.



Programming News and Views

Hour Of Code Goes Into Space
30 Nov | Sue Gee
article thumbnail has gone all out to celebrate its 10th year. No longer just a global event, Hour of Code, which starts on December 5, has gone extra terrestrial with an hour-long feature about Computer Science in space beamed from aboard the International Space Station.


Striim Cloud Now Available On AWS
30 Nov | Kay Ewbank
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Striim has announced the availability of Striim Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Striim is also available on Google Cloud and Azure.


Forward Planning For Google Summer of Code 2023
29 Nov | Lucy Black
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November might seem somewhat soon to be thinking about next year's Google Summer of Code - but if you want to participate, either as a new contributor or as a new open source organization then its certainly not too soon as the 2023 program has been announced.


Microsoft ML.NET 2 Adds Text Classification API
29 Nov | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft has released a new version of ML.NET, its cross-platform, open source machine learning framework for .NET developers. The new version 2.0 adds a text classification API. A new version of Model Builder has also been released,


JetBrains Partners With Constructor University To Teach Computer Science
28 Nov | Sue Gee
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JetBrains has announced a partnership with Constructor University. In the joint educational program the institutions aim to create a launch site for top performing students both online and onsite. There are plans for Joint Center of Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering to drive the future of software development.


Google Joins Adoptium - What's The Deal?
28 Nov | Nikos Vaggalis
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Another giant shows its support for Java. The news is that
Google has joined the Adoptium Working Group and is making Temurin available across Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products and services. So what's the deal?


Improving Stability In Flapping Wing Robots
27 Nov | Harry Fairhead
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Robot Gifts
25 Nov | Lucy Black
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Not gifts that you give to robots, although our Alexa has just made a request for a new USB power supply, but robot-oriented gifts to give to the wetware entities in your life.


A Compiler Writing Playground
25 Nov | Nikos Vaggalis
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"Create Your Own Compiler" is an interactive tutorial that step by step shows how to write your own simple compiler that transforms JavaScript into Lisp. Along with it, we take a look at what a compiler actually is and the state of the art that is Roslyn.


Microsoft Launches Orbital Space SDK
24 Nov | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft has released the preview version of Azure Orbital Space SDK, a secure hosting platform and application toolkit that they say will enable developers to create, deploy, and operate applications while in orbit.


Black Friday/Cyber Monday Offer For Coursera Plus
24 Nov | Sue Gee
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Coursera is the leading provider of online Computer Science and Data Science courses, at all levels beginner to advanced. An annual Coursera Plus subscription gives access to the majority of Coursera's vast catalog and to mark Black Friday/Cyber Monday it is offering a 25% discount, $100 off the normal price of $399, to new subscribers.


Visual Studio Code Now Supports Virtual Threads
24 Nov | Nikos Vaggalis
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The recently released Java 19 comes with the JEP 425 preview of Virtual Threads as part of Project Loom. VSCode was quick to adapt it.



Books of the Week

If you want to purchase, or to know more about, any of the titles listed below from Amazon, click on the book jackets at the top of the right sidebar. If you do make Amazon purchases after this, we may earn a few cents through the Amazon Associates program which is a small source of revenue that helps us to continue posting.

Full Review

Pro Database Migration to Azure (Apress)

Author: Kevin Kline et al
Pages: 352
ISBN: 978-1484282298
Audience: Managers & architects
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Ian Stirk

This book aims to give you a holistic approach to migrating on-premise databases to Azure, how does it fare? Ian Stirk provides a full and detailed account. 

Book Watch

Project Zero Trust (Wiley)

George Finney delivers a hands-on and step-by-step guide to implementing an effective and practical Zero Trust security strategy at your organization. The book is written as an engaging narrative that follows the story of Dylan, a new IT Director at a company that experiences a ransomware attack on his first day. 


Apps and Services with .NET 7 (Packt)

In this book author Mark Price looks at the most common technologies a .NET developer should know: Blazor, .NET MAUI, gRPC, GraphQL, SQL Server, Cosmos DB, OData, SignalR, and Azure Functions and covers specialized libraries for monitoring and improving performance, securing data and applications, and internationalizing code and apps.



Mastering Lego Mindstorms (No Starch Press)

Subtitled "Build Better Robots with Python and Word Blocks", this full-color, illustrated guidebook to programming your robotic creations teaches you everything you need to know to level up your engineering skills.  Barbara Bratzel and Rob Torok show how to code movements for autonomous robot vehicles, building interactive games, making Lego musical instruments. 



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