JetBrains Launches Containerized Development Environment
Monday, 25 July 2022

JetBrains has launched an on-premises beta version of Space, its integrated team environment and collaboration software.

JetBrains Space was launched in 2020 to provide a development environment for teams with project and team management and communications.


It includes chat, project management, issue tracking, Git hosting, CI/CD, and package repositories. Space can be integrated with other JetBrains products including its integrated development environments (IDEs). It provides competition to products such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

The beta version of Space On-Premises can be used to manage, maintain, and upgrade Space within an organization's network. The main aim of Space On-Premises is to provide a quick and easy way to set up a full development environment, making it easier for one-off users, or to test out on different environments.

There are two options, for Docker Compose for a quick spin-up test environment, and for Kubernetes for bigger installations that scale. Space On-Premises is free while in beta and will offer a free plan for up to 10 users after the public release.

Space On-Premises for Docker Compose lets users define and run Space On-Premises on a single Docker host. With Compose, you use a YAML file to configure the services of your application.

The Kubernetes version of Space On-Premises runs in a Kubernetes cluster. The cluster itself can be local or remote and can be hosted on-premises – on Amazon (EKS), Google (GKE), and Azure (AKS). Space On-Premises uses Kubernetes as a resource provider, which means that Kubernetes defines the system context.

While you can use the beta for most things that the existing remote Space supports, the features stop short of development environments, which JetBrains says will be included in the production version.


More Information

Space Website

Space On-Premises Download

JetBrains Website

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