New Lightweight IDE From JetBrains
Written by Sue Gee   
Monday, 29 November 2021

JetBrains has unveiled an early preview of a lightweight IDE and code editor. Fleet is designed to be ready to use without the need for user configuration and also facilitates development in the cloud and on remote servers.


The JetBrains team says Fleet is the result of 20 years of experience building IDEs and developer tools. The aim is to combine the best of a simple IDE and a lightweight code editor, to provide a tool that will be instantly available to handle simple tasks.


The thinking is that if you discover you need more, there's a button that will then launch the IntelliJ IDE to get the full-blown editor with code-processing, project and context-aware code completion, navigation to definitions and usages, refactorings, on-the-fly code quality checks, and quick-fixes. 

Fleet provides functions based on the specific type of project you are working on, and supports collaborative development, so developers can invite colleagues to work together, edit and debug code, and perform code reviews.

It can also be used for remote development by launching the back-end in the cloud or on a remote server, so you can begin coding without having to configure the environment or deal with the version control system. Using it with Space, JetBrains' integrated team environment and collaboration software (see Get Super-Productive With JetBrains Space), allows teams to work on projects faster. 

Kirill Skrygan, Remote Development Lead at JetBrains commented:

With our Remote Development solution developers can now get a ready-to-use environment right from their own repository. Our goal is to provide them with a seamless and unified coding experience no matter what machine they’re using and where they’re based. They don’t have to set up the local environment and wait for it to initialize their project and, most importantly, they aren’t limited by the power of their own computers.

The JetBrains team says it wouldn't have been possible to implement Fleet within their existing product line as users of those products have different expectations of JetBrains products. The intention is that both the current IntelliJ-based product line and Fleet will co-exist for quite some time.

Currently, Fleet supports Java, Kotlin, Go, Python, Rust, and JavaScript. JetBrains plans a wide range of supported languages and aims to cover the existing set of IntelliJ-based IDEs.

There is limited access to the Early Preview program and you need a JetBrains account to apply.


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