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201 Microsoft Offers $100,000 For Novel Exploits
202 Crypto Made Easy
203 Is Exploiting A Bug Hacking?
204 Open Source Homomorphic Cryptography
205 Another Java 7 Security Flaw
206 Oracle Releases Java Critical Patch Updates
207 Oracle Patches 86 Flaws in Database and Enterprise Products
208 Java Still Insecure Warns Homeland Security
209 25 GPUs Crack Passwords In Minutes
210 Java Is Top Attack Target
211 Hackers Target SQL Injection
212 Smartphone Apps Track Users Even When Off
213 PlaceRaider - Your Phone Can Steal A 3D Model Of Your Location
214 Oracle Login Weakness
215 Frankenstein - Stitching Code Bodies Together To Hide Malware
216 Google Announces More Cash For Security Bugs
217 ROP Mitigations Bypassed
218 BlueHat Prizes Awarded
219 Cartoon - Digital Rights or Wrongs?
220 Irises Change Over Time - Problem for Biometric Testing
221 Siri a Security Risk for IBM
222 A Short History of Hacking
223 Chrome, IE and Firefox Hacked
224 Inside Stuxnet
225 Chrome Hacked Twice at CanSecWest
226 FSF Opposes Restricted Boot
227 Google Offers $1 million for Chrome Hack
228 Kinect The Ultimate Security Device
229 Facebook's White Hat VISA Card
230 Print Me If You Dare - the Rise of Printer Malware
231 Quick action to patch ASP.NET vulnerability
232 The Computer Science of Insecurity
233 Cyber Attacks and Holidays
234 Planes are Unix hosts waiting to be hacked
235 Security by obscurity - a new theory
236 When cookies leak data
237 Search the world's smartphone photos
238 CIA/NSA want a photo location finder
239 Zodiac Killer code cracked? Cryptography at its worst
240 Microsoft releases source code for low-level WiFi
241 Passcodes prove predictable
242 Bitcoin still standing - but panic takes over
243 Audio CAPTCHA easily cracked
244 Cracking a Skype call using phonemes
245 Disk encryption made secure by amnesia
246 Hiding data in disk fragmentation
247 Cracking Stuxnet - a beginner's guide
248 GPS spoofing the new game in town
249 Chrome Safe In Pwn2Own Contest
250 iPhone passwords hacked in six minutes
251 Set a smartphone to hack a PC
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