Udacity Offers Free Access To Nanodegree Programs
Written by Sue Gee   
Thursday, 26 March 2020

Udacity has come up with a positive response to social isolation. Its Quarantine Special offers Free Access for 30 days to any of 40 nanodegree programs, including many we've introduced before.




This offer of One Month's Free Access applying to Nanodegrees requiring at least 3 months study is still available, although it could be withdrawn at any moment. Another offer of 30% discount is now available for the 2-month SQL Nanodegree.

UPDATED April 17
This offer is again available, billed as "Back By Popular Demand". It now includes the latest addition to Udacity's line up of project-based certification, Intel® Edge AI for IoT Developers Nanodegree. This program, intended to give developers the skills they need to build and deploy AI-powered edge devices, opens on April 18 see Udacity Launches Edge AI Nanodegree.

Two other new nanodegree programs, that start on April 29, Full Stack Web Developer and Front End Web Developer Nanodegree, are also included, see details of both in New Udacity Web Developer Nanodegrees.

This offer isn't quite as generous as it initially sounds. Looking at the small print it can only applied toward new enrollments with a limit of 1 free month per customer. After the free month is up, you will be charged $399 the same calendar date as your enrollment date next month and each subsequent month. 

Even so, if you are facing the stay-at-home regime that has been imposed on workers the world over, in 30 days you might get a very long way, or even the whole way, to a valuable credential that could pave the way to a higher-paying career and help you acquire in-demand tech skills from the comfort of your own home.


Not everything in the Udacity Program Catalog qualifies for this offer. In particular, it is restricted to Nanodegree programs with 3‍-mon‍th or more access, which is why the new Data Streaming Nanodegree which we recently reported on and is a 2-month program isn't included, but the 4-month Data Scientist Nanodegree is. Look for the "Free Access" splash as on the new Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree program.

Nanodegrees that we've already reported on that are included in the offer include Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig's Artificial Intelligence and Thrun's Self Driving Car Engineer. So is the Blockchain Developer Nanodegree and theC++ Developer Nanodegree . If you want a grounding in Machine Learning or Cloud Computing you have various options.

And of course there's Android. While the syllabus has been updated since I Programmer team member Nikos Vaggalis completed this, his extensive reports on the experience give good insights in what it means to gain a nanogegree.

As we reported in The Benefits of A Udacity Nanodegree, Udacity claims that gaining a nanodegree leads to an average salary increase around the globe and 33% more in the US and Canada and they prepare you for the cutting edge jobs in technologies that are in demand.  

While courses are 100% online Udacity's premium platform promises "real human support every step of the way", If this offer is successful then Udacity's mentoring resources might get overstretched.



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