Applications Open For LiFT Scholarships
Monday, 04 April 2022

Every year since 2011 the Linux Foundation has awarded scholarships that cover the cost for the foundation’s online training courses and associated certification exams. Applications for the 2022 scholarships close on April 30th and there's a 14-page form to be completed.


The stated aim of the Linux Foundation Training (LiFT) Scholarship Program is:

to provide opportunities to up-and-coming developers and sysadmins who show promise for helping shape the future of Linux and open source software but do not otherwise have the ability to attend training courses or take certification exams.

The program began in 2011 and since then has awarded over 1,100 scholarships - with the number of scholarships on offer increasing dramatically in 2020, as explained last year by the Linux Foundation’s executive director, Jim Gremlin:

“When the COVID-19 pandemic struck last year, we decided to vastly increase the number of scholarships to 500 to be awarded in order to help some of those affected. With the effects of the pandemic lingering, we realized it was essential to award 500 again this year rather than return to historic levels. The level of talent and potential evident amongst this year’s winners is staggering, and we are happy to be able to contribute to their future success.” 

A LiFT scholarship covers the cost of one online training course** and one exam. In general applicants should be over 18 and the application procedure entails filling in a 14-page online form. The preamble to the Application form starts with:

The Linux Foundation is committed to bringing more talent into the open source community, which involves reaching people who have traditionally been underrepresented in open source.

The number of scholarships on offer for 2022 hasn't yet been announced but applications are invited in twelve categories:

  • Linux Kernel Guru
    For individuals who have already worked with the Linux kernel community and who can become more valuable contributors. Recipients in this category may elect to enroll in an Instructor-Led Training Course rather than an online course.
  • Cybersecurity Champion
    A new category this year. For applicants who have championed cybersecurity readiness within their organization and/or the broader technology community, helping to enhance security and reduce the risk of successful attacks or breaches.
  • Women in Open Source
    Women who "have demonstrated leadership or want to take initiative in creating opportunity for themselves or other women in open source communities" are invited to submit applications in this category.
  • Software Developer Do-Gooder
    Developers who are using open source software to advance their communities are invited to submit applications "so they might expand that good work while enhancing their skills".
  • SysAdmin Super Star
    Applicants should have already begun using open source software in their workplace but want to take their work to the next level with additional training.
  • Blockchain Blockbuster
    Individuals who have implemented and are using blockchain technologies in innovative ways and would benefit from advanced training.
  • Cloud Captain
    Applicants who are working with open source cloud native technologies and need further training to enhance their organizations’ digital transformations.
  • Networking Notable
    Professionals who have transformed networks using software defined networking and/or other open source solutions and want to take their networks to the next level with additional training.
  • Web Development Wiz
    Individuals who have demonstrated skills in utilizing web development technologies in creative and unique ways.
  • Hardware Hero
    Technology professionals, including in the embedded and IoT spaces, who are leveraging open source hardware directly, or innovating with open source software in a hardware-focused use case.
  • Teens-in-Training
    Students 13 - 18 years of age who have already started using open source software and want to get a head start on a career in the field (parental permission is required to apply and accept this scholarship).
  • Open Source Newbies
    Individuals who are new to open source and have learned the basics by completing the Intro to Linux online course on edX are invited to apply.

This final category is only open to those who have completed LFS101x on edX, a highly popular course that we've covered on IProgrammer.  Selected applicants will be awarded a scholarship for LFS201, Essentials of System Administration, the next course in this career-focused series,  as well as the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator exam. 

In its announcement about the 2022 Lift Scholarships, the Linux Foundation stated:

Whether you are just starting in your open source career, or you are a veteran developer or sysadmin who is looking to gain new skills, if you feel you can benefit from training and/or certification but cannot afford it, you should apply. 

If you are unsure whether to proceed, or which category to choose, have a look at the 2021 Lift Scholarship Recipients. This list includes just two from each of last year's categories - but in total 500 were selected from around 1250 applicants. 


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