JetPack Window Manager Improves Foldable Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 03 February 2022

The Jetpack Window Manager library is now available as a stable 1.0 release. The library gives application developers the means to support new device form factors and multi-window environments. It provides a common API surface for API versions 14 and later.

The Jetpack Window Manager library can be used to build apps that are aware of new device features such as folds and hinges. The library was first introduced last year as an addition to Android Jetpack to provide a common API surface for different Window Manager features. Android Jetpack is a suite of libraries for use in Android app development.


Jetpack Window Manager contains two main classes aimed at devices that fold, DisplayFeature and FoldingFeature.

DisplayFeature identifies disruptions in the continuous flat screen surface such as hinges or folds. The Window Manager library returns a collection of display features from a layout change callback.

FoldingFeature provides information about a specific feature of the device. In most cases, current devices have only one folding feature, but this might change as devices are released. The FoldingFeature class provides information about the state of that part of the device, with properties for bounds, occlusionType, orientation, state, and isSeparating.


The updated release also has a new SlidingPaneLayout control that uses Jetpack Window Manager to adapt to dual-screen and foldable devices. The control can show two panes side-by-side so long as there's room on the display. If not, the first pane is shown and the second can be revealed by the user sliding from the side. You can also set it to display programmatically. SlidingPaneLayout adapts to foldable and dual-screen devices by aligning the panes on either side of the hinge or fold.

Single-screen devices, including tablets, will show both panes if the width of the content in each fits side-by-side on screen.

The source code for the SDK is available on GitHub.


More Information

Jetpack Windows Manager 1.0

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