Wing Python Improves Auto-Reformatting
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Wing Python has been updated with improvements to code reformatting, better handling of def async statements, and usability improvements to tooltips.

The Wing Python IDE has an intelligent editor and debugger and the creators say it makes interactive Python development fast, accurate, and fun. Wing comes in three versions, a paid-for version with extra features, a free Python IDE for students and hobbyists that omits the more advanced features of Wing Pro but provides a simplified debugger and editor, limited code inspection and navigation features, and project management. There's also Wing 101, a very simplified Python IDE designed for teaching programmers who are just beginners.


The improvements to this version of Wing start with code reformatting. The new version adds support for Black and YAPF for code reformatting, in addition to the previously available reformatting options. The reformatting options are available from the Source > Reformatting menu group, and automatic reformatting may be configured in the Editor > Auto-reformatting preferences group.

The reformatting improvements start with correct handling of selections for PEP8. You can now rename a module when a file with the new name exists, and make remote code reformatting changes when the code is not changed. Incomplete def async statements are now correctly analyzed.

Tooltip support is another area to have received work. The delay before tooltips are shown can be set as a preference in the user interface, and you can now reduce the default delay before tooltips are displayed.

Another improvement to Wing 7.2 is the improved support for virtualenv. This has been achieved by allowing the command that activates the environment to be entered in the Python Executable.

Support has also been added for Anaconda environments. Wing 7.2 also introduces support for Python 3.9, adds How-Tos for using Wing with AWS and PyXLL, makes it easier to debug modules with python -m, and adds support for Python 3 enums.


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