MariaDB SkySQL Updated
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 24 July 2020

The MariaDB Corp team has updated SkySQL, its version of MariaDB as a fully managed database-as-a-service. The updated version now supports the most recent MariaDB Enterprise version, and has a new Workload Analysis tool.

MariaDB began life as an alternative to MySQL when Oracle took over the original MySQL. The new release, MariaDB X5, was announced by MariaDB Corp, which develops and sells an enterprise version of the open source MariaDB database management system. MariaDB has a SQL interface for accessing data, alongside GIS and JSON features.


SkySQL is a pay per use product, where customers are charged hourly for compute and by the gigabyte for storage and networking. It has now been updated to support the recent major version of MariaDB Enterprise Server, with a choice of either version 10.4 or 10.5 GA. Choosing 10.5 adds better JSON support, expanded temporal table support, and a rewrite of the InnoDB storage engine.

Workload Analysis uses machine learning to build a model of how your specific data workloads behave. It gathers data on a wide range of metrics - the developers say hundreds of metrics are used to build a model. There’s a sample data set that you can use to try out the tool, but to get specific information the analysis needs to gather data over at least two weeks, and the longer it runs the more accurate the predictions it produces.

workload analysis

The idea is that database owners can see patterns over time so they can understand past and present workloads and work out how things are likely to go in the future. Workload Analysis is currently in technical preview, but the MariaDB team says over time they'll be adding recommendations based on workload behaviors, and once they have a sufficient range of workload profiles and see how changes in database variables  impact the performance and other behaviors of the database, they plan to add automation features, with an ultimate goal of an optional autopilot switch for SkySQL databases.



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