MariaDB Offers Observability To Community Version
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 24 April 2023

MariaDB is now offering its SkySQL observability service to users of MariaDB Community Server deployments. The news follows recent job cuts and financial problems for

SkySQL lets users see a single view to all the MariaDB databases they have deployed no matter where they're running, in the cloud or on-premises. The SkySQL team says that unlike general purpose monitoring tools with support for MariaDB Server, SkySQL Observability provides deep insights, and can be used to implement availability strategies such as failing over to disaster recovery instances running in SkySQL.


The SkySQL Observability service provides dashboards for real-time insights on performance and capacity usage, log collection, event management and alerts. It also has an observability API to integrate into third-party observability services, such as Datadog, AppDynamics and New Relic. MariaDB SkySQL Observability is free to use for databases covered under a MariaDB subscription. For additional databases not covered under a subscription, such as any MariaDB Community Server databases, pricing starts at $45 a month per database node. recently announced job cuts with 26 people out of a total workforce of 340 losing their jobs to cut costs. This news was followed by a warning that in a worst case scenario the company won't have enough money to meet its ongoing financial needs. In a prospectus filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the company said:

"We anticipate that our cash, cash equivalents, and cash provided by sales of database subscriptions and services will not be sufficient to meet our projected working capital and operating needs."

MariaDB has previously commented about this, saying:

“The moment auditors think there could even be the shred of opportunity that there isn't enough money for operation, you have to add the going concern as a risk factor. It's a risk factor, like many others, and we’re in pretty good company there. If you look at the history of going concerns, IBM, Apple, Ford, and GM, they've all had a ‘going concern’ at some point in time in their company’s evolution.” company founder Monty Widenius was one of the two original developers of MySQL and was the chief technical officer of MySQL AB prior to its acquisition by Sun Microsytems.  He has been much less visible at since Michael Howard took over as CEO, to the extent that there are rumours he and the team of original developers have left the company. Widenius left the board in 2022. According to MariaDB he wasn't voted off and Widenius himself has explained that it was appropriate to do so while it went through the SPAC process. He says he is still involved in helping improving MariaDB and helping users, as well as being actively involved in the MariaDB Foundation. That would still be the case if he was concentrating on the open source MariaDB versions. We've asked MariaDB for clarification as to whether he's still working at the company.


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