Deno Adds Support For Jupyter And Queues
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 30 October 2023

Deno 1.37 has been released with new support for Jupyter notebooks. The team has also announced a new tool called Deno Queues. Deno is the JavaScript and TypeScript runtime from the creator of Node.js.

Deno uses V8 and is built in Rust. It is described as secure by default as it has no file, network, or environment access, unless explicitly enabled.  Deno was created by the same developer who created node.js - Ryan Dahl - and its name is a rearrangement of the letters in node.


Version 1.37 of Deno has a new deno jupyter command that creates a Deno kernel that can be used within notebooks. Once started, users can the create interactive REPL sessions using Jupyter Lab. Users also get access to all of Deno’s APIs, as well as npm modules from within the your notebook. The Deno team says:

"Not only can you use modern JavaScript in Jupyter notebooks, but you can also import D3 from npm to visualize your data"

Along with the Jupyter support, Deno 1.37 has with stronger Visual Studio Code and LSP support, better testing performance, and improved Node compatibility.

The Deno developers have also announced Deno Queues, a tool they say will "revolutionize scalable messaging and elevate the management of background processing in your applications."

Deno Queus is based on Deno KV, which is a persistent key value store that is currently in open beta. Deno Queues can be used to offload parts of your application or schedule work for the future to run asynchronously. Since Queues is built on Deno KV, it uses SQLite when running locally and FoundationDB when running on Deno Deploy. Deno Deploy automatically spins up V8 isolates on-demand and dispatches messages when they're available for processing. Your application code simply listens to new messages with listenQueue handler, and Deno Deploy handles the rest.

Deno 1.37 is available now.


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