The Weekly Top 10: CMS Development Resources
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Friday, 14 October 2016

This week's round up of interesting posts from external sites has resources for those working with WordPress Joomla and Drupal. - How to Install XAMPP and WordPress Locally on PC/Windows

Here's a shiny new updated guide on how to set up XAMPP on Windows, with added information on how to get around pesky firewall and port issues. - WordPress Developers: How to Evaluate Your Personal Performance

In this post, we're going to look at how you can keep tabs on your performance - keeping yourself accountable both personally and professionally. - WordPress Development Best Practices and Tips by Toptal Developers

This resource contains a collection of WordPress development best practices and WordPress development tips provided by our Toptal network members. As such, this page will be updated on a regular basis to include additional information and cover emerging techniques. - A Look at the Modern WordPress Server Stack

In this post, we're going to explore the new WordPress server stack in detail. You'll see how the various pieces fit together to make a WordPress website fast. - How to Check the Joomla Version

While it's easy to detect what version of Joomla a site is running, it is not as easy to detect what revision a site is running. This post shows you several ways to detect website Joomla version without access to administrator area. - Joomla Development Roadmap 2016

Let's take a look at Joomla's present and future, or in other words, what happened and what will happen to Joomla in 2016. - Drupal Development Tips for Common Problems

Some problems when developing are simply annoying, and show up again and again. Many of these are relatively tricky to solve without knowing the best solution for the problem. I've combined my answers to a few of these problems that I've found I run into often. - Using Tail to Debug Drupal Sites

Tail is a command for Unix and Unix-like systems (like OS X) that allows you to take a peek at the contents of the end of a file. This tutorial shows you how to use Tail to debug Drupal sites. - Debug Drupal with Devel, XDEBUG, and More

I was thrown into Drupal about 6 years ago and have stuck with it since. In that time, I've tried many different debugging tools and methods. Lucky for you, I found what works and what doesn't. Below you'll see what I've found to be the easiest and quickest way to debug Drupal sites. - 10 Native Applications Every Drupal Web Developer Needs

This week, we're continuing our Drupal Developer Toolkit series with ten desktop and mobile applications to support your Drupal workflow. These tools can make your day-to-day Drupal development routine more effective.

From Our Partners

Teridion - Speeding Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Learn how to speed up data transfer in disaster recovery scenarios by an order of magnitude, improving RPO (Recovery Point Objective), RTO (Recovery Time Objective), and productivity after disaster strikes.


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