Google Adds Authorization To Identity Services SDK
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 24 February 2022

Google Identity Services has been expanded with an authorization feature that aims to make it easier for developers to use to implement secure sign-ins.

Google Identity Services was launched last year. It's a family of Identity APIs that consolidate multiple identity offerings in one SDK that includes the Sign in with Google button as well as One Tap, a "low-friction" authentication prompt. Sign in with Google and One Tap use secure tokens, rather than passwords, to sign users into partner websites and apps.

Authorization In Identity Services

Google has engineered Identity Services to protect against vulnerabilities like click-jacking, pixel tracking, and other threats, making users feel safer as they navigate across your website and app. Here's the video that introduces it to developers:

One Tap aims to be less annoying to users by being proactive and seamless. The idea is that users can safely and securely access their personalized content when they use your website or app. Unlike the traditional sign in button, One Tap prompts users on any page, so users do not need to be redirected to a landing page that alters where they were trying to go.

The updated library separates the need for authentication and authorization. Authentication lets you handle the signing in of new or returning users, while authorization means developers can receive an access token to call Google APIs, with the user’s consent.

The JavaScript library can now helps you obtain the access tokens necessary to call Google APIs. Your web application, running in the user's browser, loads the library and uses it to either to complete the OAuth 2.0 implicit flow, or to initiate the authorization code flow which then finishes on your backend platform.

The new SDK uses browser-based pop-up dialogues, which reduces user friction on sites and apps, streamlines authentication and authorization flows, and increases user engagement.

Google is providing pre-scripted code snippets that can be copied and pasted directly onto partner sites. The SDK is available now.


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