Lightbend Improves Kalix Developer Experience
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 01 August 2023

Lightbend has announced a new developer experience for Kalix. Lightbend produces cloud-native microservices frameworks while Kalix is a Platform-as-a-Service, developed by Lightbend, that combines an API-first, database-less programming model with a serverless runtime.

Lightbend says it has revamped its Kalix experience with new capabilities across all phases of the developer's journey, including development, test, deployment and insight into the health and performance of applications and services running on Kalix.


There are three strands to the improvement - the Kalix Container Registry, Kalix Control Tower, and new DX functionality.

The DX improvements start with an all-platform proxy image structure that is much faster for testing time and also now supports emulators to test integrations including brokers such as Kafka, and Kalix service-to-service events. The type of tests this enables include auto-discovery, auto-reconnect, and startup of the Kalix proxy. This means the user doesn't have to do any Kalix-specific configuration, simply write their own business logic as a service and run it.

The new Container Registry feature means Kalix automatically sets up the container registry for the user, who can run a single command to deploy their code to Kalix. The Kalix team says that because the Kalix Container registry resides within the Kalix managed environment it provides a more stable, reliable, and easier to manage container registry as opposed to customer-managed container registries.

Kalix Control Tower is designed to give customers real-time transparency and visibility into applications and services running on Kalix. The control tower provides monitoring and metrics. Kalix monitors all services and reports the metrics of every component and functionality of a service. It covers metrics ranging from health to performance to billing. This gives the customers full visibility into their Kalix services.

 The Kalix Control Tower, Container Registry, and updated developer experience are available now as part of Kalix. 


More Information

Lightbend Website

Kalix Website

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